2 days. 3 waterfalls.


We had this sandy shore waterfall all to ourselves. It’s an off the beaten path waterfall in Dupont, that at times we couldn’t see the trail. My type A personality is kicking in though because I don’t know the name for sure. It may be Upper Wintergreen or Upper Grassy Falls. No trash, no crowds so I’m going to stay on the bandwagon that doesn’t give trail details, but I’m sure if you really need to find it you can find directions just like we did. We went after a fairly heavy rain and were going over some trees in the path (I use that word lightly) that looked to be a perfect snake haven.

Note the little waterfall in the pic below- hubby saw after going over the rocks he’s standing on. Took a picture with his ancient flip phone to show me to see if I wanted to get back there to see. What my mind saw, and what was on his phone, were to completely different sizes. I decided to ask from then on if the rocks I was climbing over were larger or smaller than the waterfall. There is another waterfall hidden somewhere that we haven’t found yet- but we will someday.


Next up is Harper Creek Falls. We passed kayakers on Wilson Creek and that looked like a blast. The gorge is so impressive looking.  Here is a short video but I only turned the video on when I thought I was turning it off. https://youtu.be/mmIlZCjkxxA


Now I really want to see some other waterfalls in this area but not until I get a backpack for the water crossings. I can’t rock hop well so I want to carry some water shoes so I can just walk thru the water with less risk of slipping on rocks and dunking myself. On this trail, I really wished campers would leave no trace because you walked thru several campsites and I think they all had some sort of food or wrappers. It’s not like bear encounters are not on the rise without that.

P1310562-sm P1310561-sm

Have you ever been really concerned for your safety on a hike?

Well, the bear spray was at home because my bag wasn’t large enough for extras. We both felt a little leary for an unknown reason, and we never passed another person the entire trail or even in the parking area for the trail.

At one spot well before the waterfall, there was a path thru a campsite down to the water. While standing there waiting for my more athletic hubby to scout up the side of the water to see if that was the best view I looked down and saw large scratches in the rock that my hand wouldn’t cover. Just for the heck of it, I checked cell service and there was none. The thought crossed my mind wondering how long my mom would wait to call someone when we didn’t check back in later.

I thought the scratches were in the rock and wondered how big a bear would have to be to put claw marks in rock. Then hubby heightened my fear when he said they were fresher- in the moss on the rock. Great a huge bear or a recent bear.

I’ll skip ahead to the walk back to the car. We did pass a big black snake right by the edge of the trail stretched out in the sun that we didn’t see until we were beside it. We were glad it wasn’t poisonous. What bothered us worse was the limb crunching sound in the woods that we never saw what was making those sounds. I really feel like a large animal saw us even though we didn’t see it. I don’t think I’ve looked behind me quite that much on a hike.


We went after rain and crossed lots of water runoff, providing good reason for the sign talking about the flash flooding siren at the base.  When we got to where we could see the waterfall the clear path down wasn’t there. There was a rotting rope tied to an unhealthy looking tree close to the falls where the larger drop waterfall pic was taken but we didn’t feel comfortable going down it. We backed up some and went down at a safer looking rope. It’s odd how the falls looks like so much less of a drop when you’re looking for water level upstream. When I was working on the photos I was saddened to see graffiti on the rocks.

Right after that we went to Walker Hollow falls. A short easy walk and well worth the look especially since we were right there.



With autumn being here I am itching to see more and more, and as soon as it feels like fall, you can find us in the woods.

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