B&A and Reflections for CCoH

This is the camera clubs second before and after series this year. The first time I did 3, but one was left out by accident so this year I only took the time to work on 2. original RAW files on the left were by Peter Jones then Warren Bidell RAW, my edit of their photos are on right. I did not shoot either image.BA4BA5

There are 6 to choose from to work on. On the windmill when It chose that one I only saw a few of the windmills I wanted to add motion to. After working on it there were lots of things that would move in the wind that also required editing. I changed the perspective with crop on, which made the large windmill to close to the top of the frame. I then added canvas and filled in with content aware. I removed some objects, adjusted the color, and adding motion. Now in hindsight, I found a better way to do that next time with groups but I had already edited each windmill with a duplicated layer before realizing there was to blend them without masking out each new layer. I’ll chalk it up to learning something new.

The reflection house I removed the flagpole and did some basic highlight/shadow work. I had planned to make it painterly with Topaz Impressions but decided on painterly AND desaturating it, then infrared, then changed my mind some more and let the painterly color layer show thru again on the bottom.

For the “Gimmie Your Best Shot” reflection I submitted these 3. Love my cats the best 🙂

The glass was from the Little Switzerland outing. Tyler was from a shoot done for the submission the day before we had to turn it in. Now I tried Trinity too but she was having nothing to do with it. That one shot of the white legs below was right after I set her up there before she vanished.  My cats are so different but they both got treats for the effort. The watch was shot because I just got a lensball and wanted to use it. It’s probably more of refraction than reflection but I wanted to send it in anyway so I did. Tomato Tomatoe Reflection Refraction.

If there wasn’t a time limit here are the others I liked.



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