The making of the covers for the Appalachian Journey series by CC Tillery [final part 4] is for Wise Woman

Boy this post has been a long time coming!  Now we did physically build another house, move and I had other projects going but I think I’m at least a year overdue on writing the post.

The sister duo already has a new series about the Brown Mountain Lights with one out and the second one in the works. I guess I’ve just been busy with things but today while clearing out my computer files I decided to post before some of the files I had were deleted.

This one was bittersweet. It was my favorite cover but it was also the last in the series. I can tell you the end of the book required tissue. 

Wise Woman is the 4th and final book in the Appalachian Journey series by CC Tillery

It is a full flat for print, cover for an ebook and audiobook. With two images I shot for this cover (the image on the front and another of the feathers on the back, plus the one of John Tillery’s painting on the back cover.  I had the publisher imprint logo, and series brand mark logo from Beloved Woman. I remade the social media banner for Facebook and reworked their business cards.

Wise Woman Style sheet.jpg

Back to my style sheet or idea board. Purple felt like the best color for conveying ‘wise’ to me. The flowers changed when Cyndi and I spotted asters growing by the road when we went out for lunch. I picked up the white feathers at Hobby Lobby to go with the very old green photo album they had. The headstone was considered but didn’t make it on the cover. There was a wonderful photo of Bessie that I liked but the photo of Bessie and John was long since decided it would be on this book. Of course like the others we put a picture of a painting that their father John Tillery painted.

We already had the general theme of the layout to follow so it was just a matter of shooting the images, editing them and putting it together.

Click here to check this series out. They are available in paperback, ebook and audiobook. Christy and Cyndi, the sister duo that writes as CC Tillery can also be found at WNC events where you can purchase signed copies and talk to them in person.

AJ banner FB

Here are my other post about CC Tillery Look for their Brown Mountain series to continue too.

If you are interested in having a cover designed click for more info.

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