Foggy mornings, crisp air- autumn is here.

If only we could push a pause button on autumn – my favorite time of year.

I was born two months early in August. I wonder if that has anything to do with my love of fall since October was when I was supposed to make my entrance. Look, I started off not following the rules 🙂

Psalm 118 24 This is a day

Psalm 118:24 See more scripture photos I’ve made at

Last Sunday the fog was heavy so before I even finished my pot of coffee I threw on some clothes and my crocs, grabbed my camera and headed out to just walk to the street to see if the tree in the nearby field was something to photography that morning. It was indeed but after I saw it from the dry pavement I went tromping all thru the wet field with my sock lined crocs and ended up being out there almost an hour. My hubby has learned if I have my camera in hand that I lose all track of time. I enjoyed the stillness and quiet.

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These two photos I think were from the night before that. The space station flying over and a plane too. I like that you can see the red and green lights on the trail of the plane.

9-24-17 space station flyover-sm P1310797-sm

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