Aiming high in WNC magazine contest

my cardinal WNC mag (Small)

Last year my cardinal made the cover of WNC Magazine. The thrill when my hubby carried in my issue with my image on the cover was wonderful. Thank you WNC Magazine for sending a few extra copies! There are two subscriptions of non-photography magazines I plan to keep. WNC Magazine and Our State. Now it didn’t win any of the cash prizes but I was pretty excited about it making their cover.

Please go vote daily

You may vote once daily October 16-31, during two rounds of voting.

Round 1 (October 16-23): Pick your favorites, as many as you like. When you click Vote, your vote is counted and confirmed.

Round 2 (October 24-31): The field will be narrowed and you may pick just your No. 1 favorite.

The Reader’s Choice winner receives $100 and their image will appear in the January/February 2018 issue, where we’ll unveil all the finalists and winners.

These are the 5 I entered. Only the white squirrel “Finally” made it into their 75 from the over 600 submitted.

I don’t remember how many photos you could send last year, but this year it was five. Every contest has its own rules about the category of photographer you are. Some say a professional is when you get paid for your work.  I do. Some say it’s a percentage of your income and I usually don’t fall into that category. Last year I entered as amateur This year after reading this year’s terms I entered as professional.


I had a hard time narrowing it down to 5. Here are the final 25.

WNC mag choices.jpg

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