Another Marathon Mike CCoH field trip and learning photo software

I rode with new people from the camera club this time and the discussion came up about learning Photoshop and/or Lightroom. I mentioned that I typically get some idea in my head about something I want to do and google it. In doing that I found these DVDs by video2brain called simply, Learn by Video and love that I can play them on one screen and follow along on another. If I don’t get it, I can replay it until I do. I can skip ahead and search for something or go in order. They offer training videos on photo-related software and more. The best Lightroom tip came friendy firend Paula about export being like the save as command.

If you’ve used Adobe Photoshop at all you know who complex it can be. I didn’t even find Adobe Elements and Photoshop to be enough alike that I didn’t have to look up how to do something in one that I thought I’d find easy on the other. Now with CC, Lightroom seems to be narrowing the gap between them and find I don’t have to use Photoshop near as much now that Lightroom has improved what it will do. Adobe just made some big changes to LR that I haven’t even looked at yet.

I listen to KelbyOne too.  I like Scott Kelby, Trey Ratcliff, Matt Kloskowski, RJ Concepcion, Colby Brown, Jan Kabili, Derek Kind, Corey Barker, Tim Grey, Brian Matiash, and many more. Oh and I can’t forget Chrysta Rae and her photo scavenger hunts.  I like that on G+ you can connect with them too, and in my opinion, I like G+ better than FB. I was listening to a webcast by Scott Kelby and he mentioned everyone who has Adobe CC has access to if you sign up w. your Adobe log-in. Just thought I’d pass it along.

Okay to the field trip. I’ve learned we won’t be home at the time planned when we all get together. 🙂 I believe I’m not the only photographer who can lose track of time. Hubby has figured this out and just ask I check in so he doesn’t worry.

I took several shots with the purpose of using a blend mode to remove people and/or HDR. When I combined them and did the stuff to remove objects/people that moved in the scene I realized that works better at a tourist location where people actually m o v e. Lots of the other photographers were standing in the same place just like I was 🙂

If you’re interested here are the two ways I’ve learned to do that. A and B.

On October 11th we went to Newfound Gap (after missing it the first time by) then came back the Blue Ridge Parkway stopping at various overlooks

430.7 Cowee Mountain Overlook
422.1 Devils Courthouse
420.0 Black Balsam Knob
418.8 Graveyard Fields

and side of the road pull-offs. Mike always has these routes planned out and I can’t imagine the work that goes into each of them. I do think we need to add a GPS tracker to his vehicle though 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I guess I always have my subconscious eyes geared toward spotting animals. I saw a large male elk right by the side of the road near Cherokee looking at the smaller female in the field farther off the road, and my first ever little red squirrel around this area, near Graveyard Fields. No pics of either but still glad I saw them.

If you follow my blog and you’re getting sick of my photos… don’t worry I’ll slow down as soon as autumn is over. I have to make time to delete old files and clean up my computer and prepare for getting a new one. This one is full and bogs down on graphics too much.

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