Dusty litter, over the top pee’ers and sloppy eaters.

Looks like I just missed Internation Cat Day. So happy belated to all the felines out there.

Our last house the litter boxes were more separate than they are in this house. In the new house they still access it by the (collie sized) doggie door but most of the time they choose to continually open my bifold laundry door to let themselves out.


I’ve been using the same litter for years but in this house, I noticed more dust. My dining room light gets a thin film on it within 2 weeks of taking it apart and cleaning it. It’s no quick task either and since it’s a new house I started to wonder if the film was something with the HVAC system or something. THEN, when doing a big-clean of the litter area and all it’s layers to protect the walls and floors from overspray I noticed a dust film on the wall panels.

I went out and bought new “100% dust free” litter! When I got home I cleaned one of the boxes and put in the new litter. They let me know they preferred the old and just used the one box with the old litter for the most part. Not to be outdone, when cleaning up I placed a little used old litter in the new box. That did it, they decided it was okay to use… sometimes. What litter do you use and what are your thoughts?

SAM_0081-e (Custom).jpg

I can’t really tell if the dust is better though until I am able to completely switch over. I’ve been adding the new litter to the old litter box gradually. I don’t want anyone protesting the change.

floor scratched

The new litter is easy to run the scoop thru because it’s smaller and lighter. It doesn’t seem to make as hard of a clump and it sticks to their long hair in the paws worse as I’m finding it all the way in the office. I’m hoping it is small enough that the vacuum doesn’t dig it into the finish of my hardwood like it does the original. Nothing like pulling the vacuum back from a swipe and seeing you just scratched the finish.

Trinity pees over the edge and Tyler basically stands to do his business then jumps over the tall edge of the box scattering litter everywhere instead of walking thru the opening.

Here’s a past post on the new set up.

Their first 10 years they used litter boxes in enclosed areas that I accessed thru the garage but they couldn’t get into the garage because of a latched door. They were not full height rooms, and I’m really getting tired of taking apart my entire set up every time Trin pees over the edge of the NVRmiss boxes and the urine runs down the plastic stuff I put on the walls and hits the peed pads before PetFusion pads.

So I looked to see if any new litter boxes had been added like my NVRmiss boxes but taller. I did find some new styles but only one by Modkat that was a little taller (without the lid), and it had a liner that I didn’t care for the added cost on top of an already expensive box.

I know lots of people use Rubbermaid totes but the bottoms are not smooth for easy scooping, they’re not always the thickest plastic, plus you are cutting the side and I know that is hard to get smooth because I tried that in the last house. I know most cat people frown on covered boxes but my two should be used to it. I’ve ordered two and will do a follow-up post once they arrive.

Favorite 25-Inch Cat Litter Box Extra Large/ Jumbo Covered box

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan – Warm Gray Catit 

I may try this open top Catit one or this  Petmate one if I don’t like either of the 2 I ordered.

I prefer the translucent top. Some covered boxes said they did not contain the pee sprayed on the side… so they were out-ruled. Since my cats are almost 11 years old I don’t really want to get them the kind they jump down into. I mean I’m already looking into self-warming pads to put in their beds at their age.

On a side note. Our laundry room has a window but I wanted them to have no trouble finding the doggie door and room at night. Instead of a nightlight hogging my one outlet in the room I can get to that required me to turn it off and on, I purchased 2 kinds of auto light sensing outlets.

auto lights

The SnapPower on the left, required no wiring. The little LED lights are bright and face downward. I think this one is a little better and sensing light in the room for shutting off. Notice how much darker the room had to be before the lights came on. The other is by Legrand-Pass & Seymour. It never shuts off regardless if it’s high noon unless I turn on the overhead light. It does have a brightness adjustment by pressing on the light part. It shines outward more and probably radiates more light into the room but it’s on more than it’s off in a room where I think it really is bright enough to know it’s daylight.  Neither use as much energy as a regular nightlight would, plus I don’t have to mess with it.

I bought a bifold door slide lock to try to encourage my cats to use their oversized doggie door instead of constantly opening my bifold. I can’t pull it with the handle but even as short as I am I can easily reach up and slide it open or closed. Now if they just made a bifold catch/latch/magnet to hold a bifold closed for another bifold we’d be all set.

boot trays

Okay to the other end of my cats 🙂 They are messy eaters. They are fed wet and dry (reasons were given before and I don’t want to debate my choice anymore), but they fling both wet and dry out, heck even water. I bought cheap boot trays. They’re pretty flimsy so I left the two of them stacked together. I needed them narrow enough to fit between the table leg and the wall. I needed the bottom raised lines if it had them to be close enough together their Correll bowls would sit level.  Somehow they still manage to get food and water on the floor and walls. I’m not sure it’s a whole lot better than the plastic pet placemats I had for containing the food. They’re so flimsy that they kind of bow up in the center too so the bowls don’t always sit level.

So there are my partial thoughts so far. I’ll do a full review on the litter and dust, and the new litterboxes as soon as I know something for sure.

I have to make the time to work on my websites, and clean up my computer. I can’t put those off any longer. ~

By the way… My web hoster just emailed me about a new “feature” they will cut off access to my webpages for an hour a day. Isn’t that a great “feature” to have?   So if you hit errors on any of my sites – please just check back.

seeing red

A few fellow photographers offered the advice of just buying two new hardrives and moving my files off the hardrive. I may do that but being the organized personality I am, I can’t just mov old stuff. So I’m still going to spend time cleaning it up then I may well take their advice as I’ve heard it before from photographers I follow. If I’ve done product photography or book covers for you – you may want to go download the files to your computers soon as I will be deleting shots older than a year.

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