New litter box follow up.


Original post on the boxes I looked at can be found here

I ordered two, tested both with water and went with the Catit Jumbo.

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan – Warm Gray Catit 22.4 x 17 x 18.3 H

I can tell you with my cats I would not want to go smaller than the Jumbo. The Catit came with tape in several places but most of it was the kind that pulled off without leaving much of a residue.  I still prefer that clinging plastic wrap but it wasn’t too bad.

The carbon filter needed a good shake before trying to slip back in its spot.


Photo credit is from Catit.

The clips are indeed a little tough just like the other reviewers said. I found it was easier to grasp it in the palm of my hand rather than try to slide it with my fingers.  I also discovered that just because it looks like it is locked by the emblem does not mean that it is. The lock will slide (easier) without really going over the bottom – it looks locked but if you pick up on the handle the top will come off if you don’t have it locked. I imagine it may leak too. So when I have to take the top off, which I’m hoping is not every day to scoop, I’ll just have to make sure it’s locked correctly. I read on their site that the top and bottom have where they go together is called an “overlap mechanism”  and that design is probably why none of my water escaped when shot at the seam.

The plastic feels sturdy, the handle is nice and I think I’ll like the bag catch when cleaning.

I wish the top was translucent but at least it has a partial hinged top.  I took off the swing door by just sliding the plastic a little to the side and removed the clear plastic swing door. I plan to keep the lid hinged open to let in more light and it is open in I think every photo. Basically, I’m trying to make it like the NVRmiss boxes but taller.

Favorite 25-Inch Cat Litter Box Extra Large/ Jumbo Covered box 25 x 19 x 16.5″ H

The Favorite arrived with a spare clip taped to the top but missing one from the box. Without the clip liquid aimed at that area squirts right out. I did like the packaging (if you overlook the missing clasp), and I liked the clear top but that’s where my likes stopped.

It has no handle to lift the top off, the plastic was thinner than Catit and my NVRmiss which by the way is 21.5 x 15.5 x 11.2H  and I would have to remove the top every time to scoop.

Snapshot 1 (11-2-2017 3-57 PM)In my water test, it leaked. I tried it where the clasp was missing and it really came out and I also tried it just at the seam and it doesn’t provide the overlap the Catit does. Now, less water did come squirt out everywhere other than the missing clasp but the clasp was missing so I don’t imagine they stay on too well. Also when I took off the top part the top of the bottom had water on it so the seal is not really a seal in my opinion. It may be listed as a privacy top, but it’s clear so maybe it’s made to keep dust or litter in, more than liquid from side sprayers.

Here’s the video link if you’d like to see it

If your cat has just started urinating over the edge or doing something new for them, I suggest a vet visit.

Trinity was diagnosed with struvite crystals and is on special food. She goes thru times when she won’t eat enough of the prescription food combined with a stress and she pees over the edge of the box more than normal. I’ve noticed though that even when she is not licking that area like it’s bothering her she has started to pee over the top more and more. I am not interested in pulling apart all the layers to clean the entire area and put it back every day so that is why we are trying new boxes. Both of my cats were used to closed in areas from the last two houses so a semi-covered box in an open full size room shouldn’t be an issue for them. I’m well aware that covered boxes are frowned upon as a convenience for the pet owner not the pet by lots of people, but like I’ve said before each cat and home is different and I’m going to do what is right for us.

If I like the Catit after I use it for a bit to see that it indeed is leak proof and scoping isn’t too hard I will order another one so Trinity doesn’t pick the NVRmiss box.

Since a simply taller NVRmiss box would’ve fit the bill perfectly I thought about just buying a larger plastic tote cutting out an entrance, and setting the NVRmiss box in. That would let in light and not be covered but then I realized that every time she peed over the top I would have to unstack them, set a wet bottom box down to clean the tote, then clean the bottom of the litter-filled box then put it back. I also considered just using a large tote but the inside bottoms are not smooth for scooping.

If I could mesh together 3 or 4 boxes I’m pretty sure I could design the perfect one for over the side/top pee’ers. The Catit is a tad harder to scoop than the totally open topped NvrMiss. It’d be better if the top folded back one more time so you had complete access- oh wait that’d be like a taller NVRmiss box without the seam.

Both chose the new box with the old litter over the old box with the new dust-free litter.


Trinity had to pee in one back corner and poop in the other but hey I’m not complaining.


Another note on the dusty litter. It was not that long ago that I disassembled the entire litter area, cleaned it and put it back. Already where the gray mats sat you can see the litter dust line where it was not covered. Yuk. None of us want to breathe that.


After I use it for awhile I will add an update to this post. I may also have a pair of NVRmiss boxes for sale soon. They were great except for Trinity standing to urinate.


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