My last CCoH field trip for 2017


I again spent the field trip drive making new friends with CCoH members. I’ve spoken with all of them but it was nice to learn a little more about Diane, Allison & David.

The first photos I shot were of the cool looking sky before we ever left the parking lot.

Then to Paris Mountain state park in South Carolina, with a walk around Lake Placid. I’ve never been there and was glad to see something new. Well, actually everything that day was new to me.

Then lunch at Shortfields Restaurant where I tried their yummy and different TR (Travelers Rest) burger with fried egg. I’m glad I had to use the restroom because I loved the door leading to it!

After lunch, we headed to Haygood Mill in Pickens. I kind of had this in the back of my mind when hubby and I went to an outdoor Lynard Skynard & Marshall Tucker concert at the Heritage Park amphitheater in SC, but he said he wasn’t really interested.

When we got there the person who ran the lights and audio for the petroglyph’s had left early. Thankfully with a group of our size, they found someone who reopened it for us. The newly remodeled water wheel wasn’t running, but the website said it featured an 1845 gristmill, two restored log cabins, blacksmith shop, cotton gin, moonshine still, nature trails and the petroglyph display.  I don’t think I covered it all but I can always go back. On weekends I think they have more to see and do.

Then to Twin Falls, also called Reedy Cove Falls, Rock Falls, or Eastatoe Falls and simply WOW. What a stunning waterfall with more of a walk than a hike.  It actually looked like a triple falls. The B&W pic at the top of the post is also Twin Falls. Here’s the short video clip

I found another W for my last name project. I’m pretty sure that project will be ever changing. Every time I get a letter like better, I’ll just replace the older one. Not super easy with my frame because it wasn’t intended for that but I couldn’t’ find a 7 in 1 frame I liked. I’ll have a post on it later this month.  At Haygood Mill, I found an ‘x’ and a ‘z’ too.

P1170813 (Mobile)


Last stop was the lower section of Wildcat Falls, also called Wildcat Wayside Falls and Wildcat Branch FAlls in Cherokee, SC  which was right on the side of Cherokee Foothills Scenic Hwy (SC 11). Mike said there were trails so I’ll have to go back. I read later thought that upper Wildcat Falls is “extraordinary dangerous and has been the site of numbers deaths.”He also showed me the snake chaps he keeps in his car if he needs them, like if he’s going to be walking in the woods alone.

Now hubby and I have been to our first BRP sunrise together and I really want to see and work on those pictures but my hard drive is still too full to take them off the camera. I am going to refrain from just putting a band-aid on the problem by moving my files to another hard drive. I may do that when I’m done cleaning it up and start a whole new way of managing my files but deleting old or duplicate files NEEDS to be done. I’ve put it off for far too long. My organizer left brain will just have to tell my right brain to wait. It’s a little helpful that my thyroid feels like it’s off again and I’m too exhausted to want to hike at the moment. Although the yard could use some time spent on it too.

Is it just me or has this year just flown by?

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