Alphabet- as in ABC not Google

The last Gimmie Your Best Shot for CCoH theme is “alphabet”.  Here are the 3 I sent in. I did the Cheerwine because it’s a NC company and 2017 celebrates 100 years.


KimMaxwell_Mmmm-A-2 P1070130-Edit-sm

I have had my last name project going for several years where I spell out my last name in objects. I prefer not to find a real letter but some letters are harder to find than others.  Now I’m not restricted to just my last name but those are the letters I search for.

I did it first with outdoor nature objects – but didn’t love it enough to find a frame.

MAXWELL - Copy (Small)

then one with blessed spelled out in sign language to fill in my frame while I searched for Maxwell in architecture.


P1170813 (Mobile)

At Twin Falls I found another W for my last name project to replace the W I spotted inside a SC lighthouse. I’m pretty sure that project will be ever changing. Every time I get a letter I like better, I’ll just replace the older one. Like the X, was just replaced from the one I shot at a covered bridge to the one I saw while we were on Noahs Ark in Kentucky. Not super easy with my frame because it wasn’t intended for that but I couldn’t’ find a 7 in 1 frame I liked.

If there had been no time limit I would have sent in this one because it always makes me smile.

2010PhotoWalkHville (34) (Small)

I keep meaning to go shoot a road sign for Kimberly Ave or Street but I never remember as I zip past the road.

Here are a few more from my personal alphabet collection.


That’s it for this year’s themes ~


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