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Merry Christmas from the Maxwells

Greatest gift

Merry Christmas friends and family!

I was asked recently if I was religious. I wasn’t sure how to answer other than we are Christians who believe Christianity is different than all other religions because Christ comes to you instead of you working your way or being “good enough”. He loves us all. Period.  We believe in God the Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit, faith, prayer, grace, and salvation. We believe Jesus died for our sin and if we accept this gift of Jesus in our place, paying our sin debt, that we don’t deserve, or could have in any way earned and accept Jesus as our Savior that we can have eternal life in Heaven.

I don’t really see how anyone could look at this awesome beautiful intricate world and not see something bigger than themselves. In this spirit and because we pray every person, all family, and every friend also accept His gift, we wish you all a blessed Christmas and pray you know the real reason for the season.

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PSA on 911 and DNC, DND & H2o -LOL I feel so young using so many acronyms

My mom had an accident yesterday (passed out and smashed her head to the floor). Thankfully she looks way worse than she feels and nothing was broken. Best guess is she got dehydrated since her heart checked out. They let her go home today. I think it’s her first orange sized knot on the head and black eye. I’d share a pic but she said “hellno”. Now that we know she’s going to be okay I can joke about how memorable this year’s Christmas pictures are going to be 🙂

Well instead of calling 911, mom called me 6x but I didn’t hear it until I got up and turned my phone on. Thankfully she fell in the morning instead of falling asleep the night before with a head injury.

Turning the ringer off on my phone could’ve been a huge problem. I’m so pissed at the telemarketers and it seems being on the DNC list & using Hiya don’t stop them all. I went as far as to give my contact list a ringtone but set my main ringer to silent because I wasn’t getting anything done and they called during the night which made us get up and go check to make sure family was okay. I really need clients or people interested in stuff I’m selling to be able to call so I went back to the silent at night setting.

My terrific cousin told me about the Night’s Keeper app. Before I looked at that I just looked at my Do Not Disturb setting- something I’ve never used. Even on my old Samsung s4 it has where you can set up an exception list to get thru when DND is on. It also has a place to set a schedule to turn it on and off. Had I known about this service I may have gotten to mom about 40 min quicker.

So hope that helps someone – and my mom will still take prayers.