First December 2017 snow


11″ of beautiful snow other than the damage to our hedges.It hung in the trees like little snowballs. It completely wrapped power lines like I’ve never seen before- sort of like the line was thru a pool noodle of snow. It stuck to trees vertically and horizontal. I was pushing to finish a cover on the 8th so no individual snowflake pics to speak of this time. On the 9th we drove toJump Off Rock. Temp dropped 6 degrees from 5th Ave to the top where we were in the clouds. Our power flickered but other than having to reset all the clocks we never lost it. I was hoping I’d be in the mood to put our Christmas decorations out but between my back, my right arm, and my brain, I’m just not feeling up to it yet.


2 thoughts on “First December 2017 snow

  1. CTHodges

    Absolutely gorgeous, Kim! It was amazing and reminded me of early spring snows up in Maine when the snow is heavy and wet and clings to just about anything! Love these pics, especially the birds!

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