happy NEW year

Did last year fly by or what?!

Happy2018 for web

We are starting the new year off COLD. The forecast was for freezing temps but here in western NC we also received surprise moisture in the form of freezing fog that shut down the interstate and roads with wrecks after it became covered in ice. Only a few days above freezing this entire week and many single digit days.

Here’s to wishing you all a happy, healthy and blessed new year ~

I don’t really make new resolutions because I can just recycle the last several years and hope to make more progress on them this year.  To start off this new year I’m having to do clean up and piles of work from 2017. I’m also finding great joy in hitting unsubscribe from all sorts of mailing list. My inbox was simply taking up too much of my time each morning and most of the emails are from sites I follow online anyway. I had almost 200 subscriptions when I started. 

  • Read all the books on my bookshelf and several new novels just for fun including reading my bible more.
  • Get my photos, computer, checkbooks, business paperwork, personal paperwork and computer cleaned up and up to date and keep it current.
  • Less computer & electronics time. More outdoor, fun, friends & family time.
  • Walk and hike more.
  • More time just being present in the moment.
  • Less photo taking (right after I shoot a freezing soap bubble and the super moon tonite). I don’t want 300+ photos to edit from every outing or photo shoot. I’m going to click less so I have less to cull and edit.
  • I also really need to take daily time to play with the cats with interactive toys. We’ve all gotten too used to cuddle and nap time instead of play time.
  • I’m going to request to take the hardback (only) of The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat out of print and concentrate more on my other books.
  • I plan to put more on KimberlyMaxwell.com than the other social sites so I’m on concentrating my time in one place. That means my Facebook page will actually feature more on covers and clicks (book covers and photography) than just Ragdoll cats as I share post here on KimberlyMaxwell.com instead of making duplicate posts. Don’t worry pet food recalls will stay!
  • I may consolidate my many websites
    TheFriendlyFloppyRagdollCat.comatMeow.com Design.KimberlyMaxwell.com and  SellingVille.comG+ Facebook and Twitter post all to KimberlyMaxwell.com and chill out a little on entering contest, Viewbug, Pinterest and Flickr.That is just a lot to keep up with while working on book covers, and product photography.

So how about you- what are your plans for this new year we’ve been given?

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