The unshared of 2017

I’m unsubscribing and deleting all sorts of stuff and boy does it feel great.

Here are a few photos from 2017 that were never shared. If nothing else it’s kinda nice to look back on some summer photos when it’s cold outside. Mostly a hodgepodge but there’s a short story to the grainy hawk photo.


It was back when my rib was out but I hadn’t done anything in days. My hubby was going to look at some land and I went for the ride. I spotted this huge hawk when we were almost back to the house and wanted him to let me get my camera and go back. I don’t recall ever seeing one quite so big. He was pretty far off but I took a few shots. When I went to get the photos off the camera I realized I had used it last to shoot stuff to sell and it was on the lowest smallest quality setting. Hate it when I do stupid stuff.

I see hawks a lot when I’m out – my eye just spots them (insert hawk eye pun). I hope to see the huge one again (without something he’s captured) and have my camera on the right settings with me!

And this is one of my favorite photos from 2017. It happens to be my favorite hummingbird photo os all time. I shared it in my Christmas post but I thought it was worth sharing again.


Okay on to the sharing so I can delete this share folder off my computer and move on to the next thing on the to-do list.













Hopefully this year I’ll stay caught up with my post and not dump so many on you at one time. ~


1 thought on “The unshared of 2017

  1. CTHodges

    Love them all, but I have to say the hummingbird is my favorite. He (she?) looks so smug. Like you, I’m currently deleting things from both my computer and my tablet and hoping I can get organized–and stay organized this year! Cue hilarious laughter!

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