The first photo critique for the camera club in 2018 is the theme patterns. We actually had this same theme last January too. See my photos for that post here. These are the three I chose to have critiqued. Now I had a pen in hand to write what Jeff Miller said when about each image but to keep from disturbing others I didn’t turn the little light on my pen and it was pretty hard to make out what I wrote.

frozen soap bubble 01 02 2018 6-4-sm

On the frozen soap bubble, he said something about the reflection. See my full post on those here. On the grater he mentioned it being creative and something about the harmony of tones.

On the dahlia, I think he said something about bringing up the shadows and it being almost too much texture. He talked about what was in and out of focus and how it showed depth when the background was out. I think he said the foreground should’be been either in focus or really out. Kinda hard to apply what I learned to these images because I can’t recall all that was said. I did make notes of things to look for in my own images while Jeff was critiquing other photos. I can’t believe he finished on time with 80 images to go thru. As much as I hate sitting toward the back I may do that on the next critique so I don’t feel like I’d be bugging anyone with my lighted pen. Since I’m short and my eyesight isn’t great, I usually try to sit toward the front. It’d help if the chairs were staggered. I can’t be the only one who can’t see over a taller person directly in front of them. Maybe I’ll mention that.

There were several from my post Frozen on Friday that I liked for this too. Here are a few larger size that almost made it and then a collage of ones I liked for the theme pattern, that didn’t make my final cut.

frozen soap bubble 01 02 2018 2-5-sm


7-26-15-10-smP1010696-e2-sm   P1100732-e 10-sm

P1100807 ps-e-sm P1100808 ps-e-sm
P1120067-e 241 (2)-sm





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