My eyesight ain’t what it used to be!

My first set of bifocals were just not right. Over and over they told me I wasn’t looking in the right place. Trouble was I couldn’t find the right place because there wasn’t one.

I have myopia, or nearsightedness for years when in 2014  I could no longer see close up things within arms length without taking my single vision glasses off.


Aug 2013 Rx for distance only glasses was the last time I’d be happy with my glasses.


The summer of 2013 I picked up my new single vision Rx glasses yesterday, and LOVE that they only weigh 6 grams 3rd in from the right). I really liked the look of my MK glasses better (2nd in from the right) but geez they hurt my nose. They forgot to put the transition in so I’ll need to go back and my darn left eye is now twitching terribly. The Rx is only slightly stronger than my last pair. He mentioned going bifocals but I put it off again. P1360245-e.jpg

I occasionally see the drill mounts but I hope I get over that because I really love that they are so lightweight. Near the drill holes, I see a purplish fringing too- not sure what that is about unless it has something to do with the anti-glare/ reflective coating? For the $400 price for single vision glasses, I want to love them especially since the Rx wasn’t that different than last years pair for about the same price I am replacing due only to the weight.

Nov 2014
Good news- my new bifocal Rx glasses came
Bad news- Seems like most everything is blurry – especially driving and walking. Seeing distance is worse instead of better and close up is better with them off. No matter how much I make my head look like bobblehead – I can’t find a sweet spot that I can clearly see through for close anywhere in the lens.

Nov 19, 2014
I figured out how to some of the blurriness from my new progressive glasses. If I put them way lower down my nose than I want to wear them things are clearer. I can tell a huge difference in driving. When I left the eye doctors yesterday I still couldn’t even read the road signs and the cars on either side of me were terribly blurry. So since the top is supposed to be for distance, I slid them way down my nose where I don’t want to wear them to be able to look through the top to be able to drive. Didn’t help with my peripheral vision or being able to see the dash or close up but at least I can see to drive again. I’d like to wear them up where they go though. If they’ll remake them where my pupils actually hit the lens while they are up on my face where they belong on my nose, that would be better. I may still need a computer only pair though for arm’s length and  I still haven’t found a place anywhere on them no matter what part I look through, that the up close text doesn’t look worse than it does without wearing them.

Dec 2014
Well my ridiculous priced new glasses are in after being remarked and remade and the whole world is not as blurry as it was at least for driving. They are still going to take some getting used to. The swimmy motion effect gets me and I still see NO difference in reading, it is still clearer to take them off if I want to read. Seems a shame to buy glasses for distance through interminate to close and still have to take them on and off.  I spent some more money and took their advice to buy a new single vision lens just for the computer too (about 24-30″ distance), and that same day hubby came home and wants new single vision w. transition glasses for golfing because bifocals are apparently not what you wear to golf. The last two sets of glasses we’re both using old frames. It’s a good thing we don’t need all this every year! 

January 2015
I finally got my progressive glasses back that were originally ordered Nov 7th and it was worth the wait, the re-measures and being persistent until they got the reading part down low enough it wasn’t in the way of me driving. I can see the crosshair marks on them that I hadn’t noticed on the previous lenses. (photo of crosshair marks + and numbers was shot after the bottom left lens chipped). I still can not read clearer with them on than I can taking them off.



If I was being really honest on this final remake, my right eye doesn’t go in as much as my left when reading close up so I have to angle my head to the right to be able to see a book and I have to hold the book too far away.  I guess they figure that by inset calculations instead of really measuring your pupil distance for distance and again for near but my eyes obviously don’t go in the same distance when I look down.

2017- I can no longer see my camera buttons or LCD, read through any part of my glasses. Not sure if it was the stress on them being remade over and over or what but part of the glass is gone from the edge. I have not dropped them.

I tried a cheap pair of As seen on TV dial glasses to see if I can do distance in one and close up in the other like they do with contacts. That is not what they’re intended for but it’s nice to have them on hand anyway. I couldn’t actually function with each side set different but hey for that price I’m glad I tried my idea. I really don’t get the 3 star rating. I mean really what do people expect for $20. They may not look good but you can actually turn the dial until what you’re looking at is clear. It moves the two pieces of plastic lenses per eye closer or farther and voilà you can see. Really makes me wonder why ground Rx glass cost so much. I’ve already bought a  pair of 1x magnifiers from the dollar store to read the small print on ingredients or instructions labels. My hubby has a much stronger prescription than I do but in a pinch, I could use his for instance. I tried to wear his lined bifocals to see if I’d like the increased field of vision with the line but I didn’t like that option, at least with his Rx.

I need to be able to see distance for photography and the road. I need to see the car dashboard to drive. I need to see the back of my camera LCD screen and menus. I need to see the trail ahead, and where my feet will be stepping on a trail. I need to be able to read, and see the computer.  I don’t think I’m asking too much.

CaptureI bought a pair of these that go over your Rx glasses for my hubby who doesn’t sleep well, to wear to watch TV close to bedtime, to shut out the blue light because you’re supposed to be able to fall asleep faster when your body starts producing melatonin – something it doesn’t do when bombarded with blue light. However, he wouldn’t even try them on. So I clipped them on my computer single vision glasses when I’m not working on color and they really do help how long you can view the screen without your eyes growing weary.

Now January 2018 and I have an appointment with the eye doctor this week. When I stopped by they said I may have been in that gray area last time and could’ve (should’ve) just kept looking under the small lightweight glasses I had. I may go back to that if I still can. It beats having to take glasses on and off to use the camera or read something, then back on to see anything over arms length away. It would be nice if I could wear contacts but I just can’t.

I wish they’d come up with something better for glasses or better yet eye surgery that the perfect lens they put in stayed that way as people aged.



For driving I’d think I’d still have to slide these down my nose.


I read about standard progressive, computer progressive, short corridor progressive and premium progressive on this site. Wonder if they make photographer progressive?


They do have occupational lenses. No one told me about these or any of the other choices for that matter, but they have a set for golfers (far right pic).

I can’t be the only photographer who has vision issues or even glasses wearer that has these problems. I’m thankful my cameras all have diopter adjustments but that still doesn’t help with the seeing the dials and buttons. I’ve thought about trying a pair without the nose pieces so I could put them up on my head and they wouldn’t tangle in my hair, but my husband has worn glasses since he was a kid and says the frames are worse without the nose things. I guess if we can’t find a cure for the common cold, cancer, autoimmune diseases that finding a better way to see is pretty far down the line.

What do you other over 40 nearsighted photographers who hike do?

Update: Apparently, I AM asking too much. The optometrist recommendation for me was to never again try progressives- like I’ve been wearing now for 3 years. Suggestion was to look under my distance glasses or take them off for close up.  When I can no longer focus at all with my distance glasses for intermediate (like the car dashboard) or see without glasses for 18″ or less, then I either have 3 pair of glasses, try lined bi/trifocals or I guess larger framed progressives. He said they use the best for the progressives with the best field of vision now. I looked at a slim new pair of Bebe plastic frames w.o nose pads for $185 but now that we don’t have BCBS, by the time I put lightweight glare-free transition single vision lenses in them they were over $720. That’s just too much to pay to get my slightly changed distance single vision Rx in a frame I can put on my head w.o the pads getting caught in my hair. With my shoulder expenses looming,  I’m just going to have them un-tilt my chipped progressives bottom back out so they’re straight up and down where I can look under them or wear an even older pair of single vision I have now. If my shoulder doesn’t cost us an arm and a leg (pun intended) then I may try to order plastic frames online to try glasses w.o nose pads. I’ve never ordered online but I saw a single vision pair of the same ones for $169. Now they won’t be lightweight, glare-free or transitions but at a $500 savings, it will at least let me see how they work with my photography.

A side note. I always thought the building where the camera club held their meetings had something there that bothered my eyes. Every time about half way thru my eyes start burning and watering. I told the optometrist assistant about that, and she asked if they itched too. They don’t itch- just burn and water. They do it some when I’m not there but taking my eye makeup off seems to help but none of the times are they as bad as at the meetings with the lights off staring at a projector for a few hours. She said they’re probably just dry because if I was allergic to something there they’d itch too. She suggested purposefully doing more long slow blinks or putting eye drops in. I hope those suggestions work. I’ll let you know after the next meeting.

Update 2: Let’s end on a happy note. On my glasses. Instead of paying $170 for frames and $555 for single vision lenses from my eye doctor to try out a new Rx pair of glasses w.o the nose pads, I bought a cheaper pair from Walmart’s Vision center.

Now the $9 frames don’t look as nice as the others but at an over $500 savings to try a new kind of frame with my Rx – I’m happy. I couldn’t see through the progressives and who knows I may not like the plastic no nose pad frames but for $228 total for lightweight small frames with transition I can look under for reading it’s worth a try. Makes me wonder why the doctor’s office lenses cost so much more.

FYI I did try the two tips the ophthalmologist tech gave me but to no avail. My eyes still burned and ran at the meetig. 

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