Crumbs. Chunks. Cold Cat Food Trick. Tracked, Dusty, Litter. Valentine’s Day with my two furbabies and lots of pics.

Wishing you all a purrfect Valentine’s Day.


So yep, it’s a recycled pic from last year of my cats… but I still love it, and I’m too far behind to do a new one. Maybe next year.<3

My furbabies are coming up on 11 years old this year. It’s hard to believe. They are due for their annual check-up but between normal year-end business stuff, a bursting at the seems computer and my rib/back/arm/shoulder, it may have to wait just a bit. No real big changes that I can see. The tooth removal left Tyler doing more mouth stuff than before it was removed and his jaw or teeth still click (like mine) when he closes his mouth from a yawn. He sometimes looks like jumping on the bed is harder and he’s a little unstable when he gets up or tries to walk over his sister for his spot on the bed, but still runs and plays. He has started going under our covers for his daytime nap, if I see him I just uncover his head so he gets more oxygen. His eyes run a bit more than they used to and I can hear joints pop sometimes. I’ve started them both on a joint chew they like. Tyler still looks like his nerves get him, he still drools when he’s happy and it appears like all his dreams are nightmares but those things are unchanged. He still does a face plant and still sits like his legs are broken out in front of him. Trinity has started laying the same way. She still has crystal issues that can be controlled if I keep her brother fed so he leaves her alone and feed her the special food when I see her overlicking spastically. She still hunts out the warmest sunniest spots- it’s just harder in the new house to find those. Their weight is within just a few ounces of what it has been.

There has been an upswing in pet food recalls if you’d like to follow this blog or me over on Facebook.

Soulitic after processing (Small)-sm

NO chunks

No chunks. No crumbs. What picky eaters my two are. I feed grain free wet and dry both because that’s what works in our home. The brands and flavors change because my cats change their minds but one thing has stayed the same since they were little. If I accidentally buy a chunky or shredded food I put in the blender because I know they won’t even touch it if it’s not smooth. They’ll only eat pate and even then I have to add water and mash it so there are no chunks. On the dry the opposite is true. They’ll only eat the full-size pieces. When we get to the bottom of the bag (which I don’t care for the design of) and crumbs are mixed in, they’ll eat around them and leave the crumbs.

Who knows what my cats are thinking but they have me well trained.

Cat Food Tip.jpg

I have a tip for those of you whose cats don’t like cold food after it’s been in the fridge. If you drink coffee, try this. Put the wet food you’re going to serve in the bowls add a little water, then set those bowls on top of the coffee maker while it makes your coffee. The steam heats it up evenly but not too hot like adding hot water could. I use Correll bowls. I don’t recommend plastic. This would also work to release the aroma of the food to entice a cat to eat.

On the litter boxes I can say I’m still just as happy with the Catiti Jumbo boxes as I was the day I got them. Way better than tearing down the entire set up when overspray topped the NVRmiss boxes. No leaks at the seam and not too bad to clean.

On the litter and litter mats. We have 3 mats now, the  PetFusion litter mats, the jumbo litter mat by Easylog and I added the CatGuru mat on the outside of the doggie door.  It stops a small amount but I’m still damaging our hardwood floors when I roll over a piece of litter with the vacuum. I’ve posted about the first 2 in the past.

After visiting Jenny’s FloppyCats site, I think I’m going to try the BlackHole or WooPet! if I can find a small one to set just inside the doggie door. One that has the little holes where you dump the collected back into the boxes.

I changed the set up of the boxes when we moved and again late 2017, but it’s still not ideal. I just haven’t got the perfect litter for 100% dustfree, solid clumping, low tracking, not sharp sided and preferable fragrance-free.

I’d love to hear what you use.


The small litter, like the Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal lighter litter (on the right) that doesn’t hurt the floor when I vacuum the hardwood tracks terribly on their paw tufts. Like 3 rooms over. The Arm & Hammer Multi-cat and Double Duty are both too dusty, for me and Trin. I’ve bought Fresh Step Ultra unscented low dust but haven’t changed out a box to try it yet. I did try Dr. Elsey’s Ultra litter and it is great for hard clumps. It does have less dust and it doesn’t track near as bad as the smooth lightweight litter (on the right).  It’s probably my favorite right at the moment.

What do you use for litter and litter mats?

Sibling love

Tyler has a very addictive personality and started biting the light switch. He will do the same thing for months until some new things attracks his interest.
I put lemon on it.
Now he just stares at it then back at me wondering what happened.



My sweet Trin still doesn’t like you coming toward her head with your hand even though she’ll headbutt anything so hard you can hear it. I think it must be her eyes but at this point, if she hasn’t grown out of it, I don’t think she ever will. The right phots is something she does every day. She just seems to know where my eyes are trying to read and will stand right in front of that spot, but she won’t lay down and be petted or sit in my lap. It’s like she demands attention totally on her terms.



and here are more pics I want to share of my big loverboy and sweet little pea so I can delete the small share pics off of my hard drive.



I hope to reshoot the ones of Tyler from underneath the glass table before it sells for my take of “cats on glass”. I had on a light colored t-shirt and you can see my photo walk shirt in the reflection. Trin wouldn’t stay on the table after I laid below her. I love the photo of Trinity behind the bathroom shower curtain that I was able to capture before she bolted to run her morning crazies. I think it’d make a great book cover for a cat book. They can still be so sweet to each other then act like rival siblings.

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