TnT visit their not-favorite person


I took both of the babies to the vet while I could still carry both carriers. Mostly the same stuff they’ve been doing their whole lives but they are getting up there in age and I wanted a full CBC to go with their annual. I called back right after we left to ask them to make sure to run Trinity’s potassium too. It’s probably included but hers has been borderline low before. Trin still breathes hard, has bladder issues, sneezes and sometimes holds her left foot up when sitting. Tyler still looks to have all bad dreams, tucks his head in what we call a face plant, has anal gland issues, looks like his nerves get him and his jaw or teeth still clicks shut at the end of a yawn. Both have eye goop and overlick their nipples. Tyler seems to overlick his shoulders behind his front legs too.


Poor Trinity seems to have veins like mine… hard to get in, then hard to get blood out of – they had to stick my poor girl six times. She came away with a clean bill of health and lots of cuddling and treats when we got home.

I was a little concerned with Tyler because he started losing his balance a little bit. I was hoping it was just an ear problem but his ears were fine. Thankfully no more FLORs was visible. It’s mostly when he gets up from our laps, but I’ve seen him stumble a bit stepping over Trinity to share (hog) the bed. It also looked like it was harder for him to jump on our bed. Well, I guess 2 things, because he’s always started getting under the covers more during his daytime cat naps on our bed and he’s never been cold natured before. I just pull back the covers so he still gets some air. The vet said he had some arthritis in his back left leg.

P1270989- KimberlyMaxwell

I’m already giving them treats for their joints. So now I just wait for the blood work results. I’m curious about the kidney levels, thyroid, and Trin’s potassium.


The vet called back later in the day to say all their bloodwork looked fine. Trin’s glucose was high but he said with the amount of stress she was under after how hard it was to get blood from her that was probably the reason.

When I went to pick up the actual results though both had readings (IDEXX labs) that were not in the normal range. Not sure why those were not addressed?

Tyler’s results
RETIC was low at 1.8 K/ul. Normal is 3.0 to 50.0 and last January it was 11.0
EOS was low at 0.13 K/ul. Normal is .17 to 1.57. Last January it was 0.20
under BASO it says nRBC *suspected. All I can find on that is it stands for nucleated red blood cells but don’t know what that means.
I Googled RETIC and it has something to do with bone marrow not making enough red blood cells fast enough. The EOS said it was eosinophils white blood count -excessive cortisol like in cushings and that it almost always goes with diabetes but his glucose was in the normal range at 136 mg/dL down 2 points from last January.
He had 5 marks on the low end of normal: WBC, NEU, LYM, MONO, and PLT. His BUN was still in normal 25 mg/dL last year and 19 this year.

Trinity’s results
She had lots of marks right on the low side of the normal line: RBC, HCT, RETIC, WBC, MONO, EOS, BASO, and GGT. Several were close to the low line but not right on it: LYM, PCT, BUN, PHOS, and  ALKP.
Her Glucose was 250mg/dL (see note above).
Her NEU was low at 1.26 K/uL. Normal is 1.48 – 10.29. Hers was 1.55 last year. Google says it’s neutropenia – a low level of neutrophils WBC that fight infection.
Her PLT was really low the low side of center in the low column at 81 K/uL. Normal is 151-600.  Last year it was even lower at 38 K/uL. Google says it is a low platelet count. With thrombocytopenia, a blood clot can’t form.

With ranges out of normal, I wonder why only Trin’s glucose was addressed?

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