Sign, Signs, everywhere a sign

Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

So now that you’ve got that song running thru your head let me share my pics for the camera club February Gimme Your Best Shot theme- signs.

Here is my favorite one because I love the subject -even if he really needs a full bowl to be nice.

Tyler Shame Sign sm 02 17 2018 2



These two I had not planned for. One I saw out walking after a snow and one when life threw it right in front of me at the ER. Funny thing was, they had the same picture-signs for the remote and chairs too.

The third sign I wanted to find a sign that said no photography.

I remembered from scouting out Main St for a WWPW that the Heritage Museum had such a sign. So even though it was a little outside my comfort zone, I approached the uniform wearing guard with camera in hand and assured her I’d not use a flash and I wouldn’t be in the museum. I mean even the Biltmore House lets you photograph inside w.o a flash now. She okay’d it, then after my shot joking said she’d have to confiscate my camera. I played around with the flat shot a bit instead of going back and waiting for better lighting.

Tyler Shame Sign sm 02 17 2018 1

Running out of time I decided to use one of my cats for a shaming sign. He well deserved the statement. Now since he wasn’t thrilled about the loose fitting sign he did get treats afterward. Food is quite the motivator for him so all is well.


Here is another take on signs, as lots of people see the blood moons as a sign.

I had 3 ideas in mind, but only two were planned and executed with all I’ve got going on right now.  I wanted to do a long exposure on a train moving behind the railroad crossing signs. I even went as far as to contact the railroad and try to get the schedule for a track near me but ran out of time to go sit by the tracks and wait for a passing train with the broad timeline I was given.

On a picture, I shot after a snow this year it struck me how many signs we had at an intersection that the road goes up the hill. I had a spot in mind to set up my tripod and planned on finding where I put my solar filter then shooting it after a rain during the day or after dark. I wanted the lights, the signs, and the tail lights.





So that is it for signs I took this year.

Here are some that the club may have considered too outside the box but to me they’re signs of spring.

I had an old one I like because of the contradiction.
2010PhotoWalkHville (34) (Small)


and a few oldies




FYI I did try the two tips the ophthalmologist tech gave me but to no avail. My eyes still burned and ran at the meeting.

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