If I’m still alive

15 years ago today my dad passed away

just 10 days after he turned 61.

When those same 15 years pass again

if I’m still alive

I will have lived longer than he did.


My brain just can not grasp that at my age he only had 15 years left here on this earth.

Would he have done anything differently? Would I if I knew?

I do know I’m grateful for having MY dad. He loved me and he showed it. My vision of Jesus being a loving, kind and just father has to be influenced by seeing those characters in my own dad.

Dad always said he was going to live to be 120. It will be so wonderful to talk to him again one day in Heaven. I’m starting to let go of the would’ve should’ve could’ves. I doubt I ever will completely. I’m not mad a God anymore for taking him Home so young but also I just don’t see why it had to be.

So today on the anniversary of dads angelversary I will cherish this day. I will rejoice in the fact that Jesus died for our sins. That my dad and I both accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and I’ll try not to cry.

My grandparents and a few friends saw my dad enter Heaven. My family saw both of my inlaws. A lady on the news said her dad passed away just before Billy Graham and she was happy for him that he could witness Graham coming into Heaven. My the jewels in his crown for sharing his testimony with so many and being such an incredible disciple must be something to see.





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