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Happy 11th birthday to my boy!

Kind of bittersweet as it’s his first birthday not shared with his sister Trinity. Tyler said he’d eat her treats.


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What I’m reading for April 2018



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6 weeks postop and I’m making a change

Today I made the decision that feels like pure common sense to me to stop PT with the bands. This is what I sent the surgeon this morning. “I started back with the bands daily as instructed. The pain got worse again. I tried every other day instead of daily, and my recovery is still going the wrong way. IF, and only if a PT would give me guidance for now and tell me what to do later I’d like to go once. If they insist on multiple visits I’m going to just continue movements like this and see if I can start hurting less than before the surgery. I am going in the wrong direction in pain and movement with the band pt.”

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We saw 2 waterfalls on our 2nd hike for 2018

Between my shoulder, our cats and hubbies schedule we sure haven’t done much hiking this year. I fetched the bear spray from my pristine camera backpack and we took off for our make up anniversary outing we postponed.


We changed the place to see and decided on Raven Cliff Falls in SC. Raven Cluff Falls is on Matthews Creek in Ceasars Head Park. It is the tallest waterfall in South Carolina, somewhere between 320 and 400 feet, depending on what you read and where they measured as it looks like the start of it could be hard to determine. Regardless of the exact size, it was a site to see. Continue reading

Pet Food Recall Poll

Recalls seem to come in batches. I want to add them to my site as soon as I see them BUT I don’t really like them cluttering up my Catch-all ie: blog page.

If you subscribe to my blog (sign up on the first page) you’ll get an email when I post regardless of where the post lands on my site.

I think I’d prefer for the non-subscribers who don’t sign up for email updates, to have to click under the Cat or Pet/Pet Food recall tab.

What are your thoughts?

Pet food recall

04/17/2018 TRUDOG Pet food-freezed dried raw beef topper potential to be contaminated with Salmonella TruPet, LLC
04/16/2018 Vital Essentials® Dog/pet food Freeze-Dried Beef Toppers and Frozen Beef Chub potential to be contaminated with Salmonella Carnivore Meat Company
04/14/2018 Sunseed Vita Prima Sugar Glider Formula It has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella Vitakraft Sun Seed Inc