We saw 2 waterfalls on our 2nd hike for 2018

Between my shoulder, our cats and hubbies schedule we sure haven’t done much hiking this year. I fetched the bear spray from my pristine camera backpack and we took off for our make up anniversary outing we postponed.


We changed the place to see and decided on Raven Cliff Falls in SC. Raven Cluff Falls is on Matthews Creek in Ceasars Head Park. It is the tallest waterfall in South Carolina, somewhere between 320 and 400 feet, depending on what you read and where they measured as it looks like the start of it could be hard to determine. Regardless of the exact size, it was a site to see.

I can’t tell you how many times I thought of and worried about leaving Tyler. There was basically no cell reception for me to check on him with the netcams. He was fine although he did pout to let us know he wasn’t happy being left home alone.

I wore my sling mostly so if I tripped I’d land on my bottom instead of throwing my arm out to catch me. Our weather has been all over the place. Snow on Monday and upper 80’s on Wednesday followed but strong winds. We haven’t actually been on a hike since January when we went to see some of the frozen waterfalls. Not sure you could call that much of a hike though. Friday’s walk in the 50’s, was around 5 miles so I think it qualifies.

We had a turkey cross the road in front of us and on the trail saw an almost all black little chipmunk. Much darker than what we see around our home.

20180420_113430-sm.jpgWe paid our fee to park and headed across the road the trailhead. Just in case you’re wondering that building you get to on your right, unfortunately, was not a bathroom. I should’ve gone to Ceasars Head visitor center first or laid off my full pot of coffee. We followed the red blaze trailhead which I think to the overlook structure and back is 4.4 miles. We knew we were not up to the appropriately named, purple blazed, Dismal Trail that has a 1200 foot elevation change in its 1.5 length.

I did kind of want to see the suspension bridge but there were other people on the trail and I get motion sick if I can’t cross a bridge alone. I should have at least zoomed in on it with my camera from the platform. I wonder what you can see of the waterfall from there? I bet you can see the observation deck. I read that it was over a mile away “as the crow flies” but we wouldn’t have guessed it was that far.

When my shoulder heals and maybe we get an earlier start maybe we’ll try that as it doesn’t sound difficult. If we’d been hiking more and my neck, collarbone, rib, bicep and shoulder were better we would’ve added that to our route. Everything that day was handheld as I only packed my fz300 and a polarizer. No tripod or other gear.

If I read the map correctly you start on the red trail we were on, change to the blue Gum Gap trail, turn off on the pink trail to go the bridge and you’d add about 5 miles (2.5 each way) from the map at the trail map sign of the red and blue trail intersection. So it would’ve been a 9.4 mile day and I just wasn’t up to that.


I wondered if two places I’ve been to with the camera club were close enough so hubby could see them. Strawberry Hill to grab a batch of fresh strawberries was too far out of the way but Twin Falls also called Reedy Cove Falls, Rock Falls, or Eastatoe Falls was close and easy so we went there before heading home to check on our boy. If you’re not much of a hiker Twin Falls is a beautiful site with an easy walk. The two times I’ve seen it, you could’ve called it Triple Falls. Take a look at the bottom of the observation deck though before you decide to go up there. It isn’t even steady enough for a long exposure from up there. If you want to see the post on Strawberry Hill or Twin Falls from before just type the names or hit SC in the tag cloud on the first page.

Here is a link to the video showing both falls we saw on Friday

I’m expecting a call back from my vet for a referral to the one veterinarian cardiologist we have. I’m hoping we can get in fairly soon and what they find on the reason for his heart murmur is good news, like as in he’s in the 20-30% that it’s just a murmur to not worry about causing clots or problems and he doesn’t have HCM.

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