Happy 11th birthday to my boy!

Kind of bittersweet as it’s his first birthday not shared with his sister Trinity. Tyler said he’d eat her treats.


I did take the pics on his birthday, I just didn’t do anything with them immediately. I called and have him scheduled for his echo-cardiogram and we’re just trying to enjoy every day together. LOVE my furbabies. Skeamer’s birthday was in April too ~

Here’s a video of Tyler playing goalie https://youtu.be/cDslWgAdYJI
Tyler doesn’t really like playing ball out in the open but if he has something to hide behind he’ll bap the ball back to us. He used to play hiding behind an ottoman skirt, but we don’t have it anymore so started using the oversized scratcher my hubby made for him. Trinity preferred playing with her little mice, catching soft toys and hiding her stash more than playing with any of the balls.

TnT birthdays-sm

TnT-9th-B-day-4-27-16-for-web             TnT-10th-Bday-sm


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