Mother’s Day when your children have fur


I am lucky to blessed to have a mom that always encouraged me in my endeavors – except maybe my early teen years – she probably wanted to send me away for those. Actually both my parents supported me but my dad passed away when I was 32. I loved my mom’s mom too. Grandma was a special lady and I wish I would’ve spent more time asking her about her heritage and past when she was still with us.

My husband’s parents both passed, like my dad, all in their 60’s. I always thought I looked like a pretty good 50/50 of both my parents until I did this half and half of me and my mom. I got my dads darker coloring but boy do we look alike. I still wish I would’ve gotten my dads beautiful eye color. The body shaped skipped my petite mom but grandma and I definitely shared some DNA there.

I am a cat mom, by choice. The family tree is at an end branch with us, but having children is not for everyone and I don’t think you should have them from social pressure. I do however love being a cat mom even though you have to say goodbye too often when you outlive your furbabies. It’s better to have loved and lost, than not to love at all.

Skeamr wanted to be in the same room with us but she wasn’t really a lap cuddler- although she was the best cat for letting us sleep at night. Trinity was a lap girl but always facing away. Tyler is a flopper and will lay any way he can on us. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to get up and kept stationary because I had a cat in my lap. Apparently, I’m always in pj’s with no makeup on the rare occasion my hubby actually takes a darn photo. On set up photos my cats always look like they want to get away. Pure torture being held, petted and given treats for a photoshoot.

A.1 2015 TnT Maxwell

This is my first mother’s day after losing Trinity and of course tears have been shed.  So, I will try to focus on the fact that Tyler is still with us and happy memories. I won’t see my own mom on mother’s day this year either but I’m sure we’ll make time for a make-up day.


Through our church and Compassion Child, we sponsored Sofia last May. Now I’ve only received two fill in the blank letters in a year and my correspondence has gone unanswered. I pray at least the financial part is helpful even if there isn’t the contact I had hoped for.

I know that many women long for a child they can not conceive. I know parents that their babies died before them. I’m well aware not everyone has a good relationship with their moms or dads, and that sometimes the person a child calls mom was adopted or a woman just stepped up to fill that role. I also know that someone can birth a child and be a mother without being a “mom” and that some dads have to fill the role of both.

We all have a mom, so to all the different kind of moms out there, I wish you all a Happy Mom’s Day. 


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