My thoughts on health monitoring Pretty Litter, our 2 cat litter choices and litter mats

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I’d just suggest getting more than one box for one cat for one month.

In the past, before we knew Trinity had a struvite crystal problem with urine that was too alkaline,  I reviewed Perfect Litter.  BTW I still really like the Litter Lifter scoop and I’m happy with the Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan – Warm Gray Catit 

I learned to see the changes in her behavior when she was having issues and would make sure she ate more of her special prescription food and in a few days, she’d be back to acting like herself.

While browsing Pinterest I saw a post for Pretty Litter and decided to give it a try. I don’t care for their auto-ship program that you have to opt out of. I would rather opt into something I want to be shipped regularly. Just like Perfect Litter, Pretty Litter also contacts you with follow up emails- another thing I don’t really care for.

It arrived and was a much smaller box than I’d expected. You choose the number of cats and since we’d recently lost Trinity I choose just one, for Tyler. So I opened the box and pulled out the bag,  poured it into the box I had already emptied and cleaned. It said there should be 2″ in the bottom and lasted a month. Well, they’d have to send more if it’s supposed to cover two inches on the bottom of anything but a kitten-sized box. I put it in the one box anyway, and it didn’t quite measure an inch.

I guess since there wasn’t enough litter Tyler peed in it one time, probably got his paws wet and then started using it to do number two in while peeing in the other non-color changing litter in the second box. So since he went a week pooping in the Pretty Litter and peeing in the scoopable litter I tipped the box so all the Pretty Litter would go to the back and went ahead and added regular litter to the front. I was hoping he’d pee in the back again so I could see the color change again but he didn’t.

One place on their website they say it’s scoopable. One place they say you don’t scoop the pee. You just spread the pee “clump” out and do a complete litter change in a month. This goes against everything I’ve ever tried to do. I use the word clump very lightly as if it gets stepped on at all it doesn’t hold a clump. It did track and I don’t see me using it as a regular litter. I was able to see ONE, yep just one pee clump in a month. Tyler’s one pee ball was yellowish-orange. which on my card (like the pic above) say “normal” but there website says you want to see olive green.  The white litter did have little orange pieces in it straight from the bag.

From their site: “PrettyLitter color changes may indicate a host of potential health issues all of which are detected through urine. 

Red: Detection of blood, which may indicate Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder (FLUTD), bladder stones/crystals, kidney stones, bladder inflammation, certain types of kidney disease and clotting disorders. In rarer cases it can also mean bladder cancer, an internal injury, and/or if it’s a female cat over four months old who hasn’t been spayed, she may be in heat. 

Blue or Dark Green: High alkaline, which may indicate certain types of urinary tract infections. 

Orange or Golden Yellow: Abnormal acidity, which may indicate certain metabolic disorders. 

Any color other than an olive green may mean you need to take your cat to your local Veterinarian. 

Sometimes temporary color changes can occur as a result of a new diet, changes in environment or temporary stresses that may cause a cat’s pH levels to elevate or drop. If you see a color change, observe the litter over the next 24 to 48 hours. If the color change persists, consider taking your cat to their Veterinarian for a wellness visit. Use the color changes above as a guide to point your Vet in the right direction. Only a licensed Veterinarian can diagnose any specific issue”

Now in hindsight, I know that it would require two bags to put 2″ in one box for a month-long test. So $40 every month for peace of mind, but I’m not spending that much for one box on an ongoing basis and will just watch for different behavior or over licking. If I think there may be a problem I’ll buy two bags so I can actually do a month-long test or just take him to the vet and skip the home monitoring. I’m really wishing my vet had done a urine draw at their last 10 year old cat yearlies though!

Unlike Perfect Litter, I did not do my own testing with vinegar or baking powdered water.

I’m not sure I updated you guys on the scoopable litter I decided on. With Trinity’s sneezing and with the dust in our home from the Arm & Hammer litter I started trying to find one we liked better that was 100% dust free, trackless, clumpable that didn’t scratch my hardwood.



The small litter, like the Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal lighter litter (on the right) that doesn’t hurt the floor when I vacuum w.o the beater bar overthe hardwood tracks terribly on paw tufts. Like 3 rooms over. The Arm & Hammer Multi-cat and Double Duty are both too dusty.

I’ve bought Fresh Step Ultra unscented low dust and like it about as much as I do the but Dr. Elsey’s Ultra litter. Both have less dust, both clump and they don’t track as bad as the lightweight litter we’ve tried. I will continue to use either or both of these.

Here’s a link to my other cat litter post

Until I started working on this post, I completely forgot about buying a pair of Color You Cat Litter mat Double-Layer Litter Trapper mats. I had a size requirement, and even though I wasn’t sure if these were BPA or chemical free, I went against my instincts and tried them for a few days anyway. Then Trinity passed away unexpectedly and since I didn’t have peace of mind about what they were made of I just couldn’t keep them.

I had contacted Jenny at about the ones she tried and as always, she shared her expert advice. I had planned to go with Blackhole by Moonshuttle or WooPet!. Whichever it was, they were out of stock in the size I choose, and I wanted to get the litter room all moved around and situated before my shoulder surgery.

P1110192-smDespite not having honeycombed shaped holes, the Color You mats did a fair job of trapping litter but I don’t really get the fold in the middle to open the flap. If I tried that litter went everywhere so I choose to curl it inward longways- totally opposite of the how the open seam would work and just tip the litter back into the boxes that way. I am NOT saying the mat had anything to do with Trinity passing unexpectedly but I just couldn’t get the nagging thought out of my head that it was the only new thing in the house and we didn’t know anything was wrong with her, but yet she passed.

I rearranged the our set up once we had the covered boxes that stoped urine from going over an edge and now have the PetFusion litter mats, totoally in front of the boxes. They are easier to dump the litter back in the boxes than the PetFusion litter mats,  After stepping out on to those, they walked across a bit of tile, then the jumbo litter mat by Easylog , then thru the doggie door, bottom left corer of the photo… unless it was Trinity who opened the bifold people door, to the last CatGuru mat on the outside of the collie sized doggie door.  So it was kind of a 3 step process to try to keep the litter contined. Yet, I still hit drag a piece  now and then across the hardwood and if I drop wet laundry, on to the gray and white rug, which I’m doing a lot more of doing laundry one handed, it always seems to pick up some litter too. Not the best set up yet, not near as nice as when the litter room was in the garage but at least the netcams work here and I can watch the use of the boxes better.

2 thoughts on “My thoughts on health monitoring Pretty Litter, our 2 cat litter choices and litter mats

  1. (@floppycats)

    Thank you for the plug =). I was approached about reviewing Pretty Litter and I declined it because I could not get them to answer what chemicals or whatever is used in it to get the pee to turn it a different color – and with the cats (especially Charlie) going crazy with scratching in the litter box, I didn’t want them licking something off that hadn’t been proven in the market. I do, very much, love how thorough you are!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KiM Post author

      Jenny, I love all you do every day on your site. Although I thought about the chemicals on the mat it actually never occurred to me on the color changing litter. Thank you for all you do!



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