3 month post surgery shoulder update

If enough had changed I was going to update the diagram of what hurt where but very little has changed in the last month besides me gaining new knowledge.

I went to my follow-up that really didn’t really answer much of anything. I decided to get a copy of my MRI and surgery report.

I was told that a lot of times the MRI doesn’t show labrum tears and it said none were noted. Right after surgery I questioned why the stitch was put in the labrum tear after I was told they move the bicep now as stitches there cause more problems than they solve. I also learned that the labrum tear was from 2 to 5 O clock. At my follow-up after I read the notes that my rotator cuff tear was high-grade and that meant a 50% thickness tear why it was only “cleaned up” instead of stitched before the tear got any larger and there was nothing to sew back together.  Now I’ve read the report and it sounds like nothing was done to my rotator cuff tear and I found out it was 3mm which is the first size in a grade 2 tear. I was told I had two bones spurs. The surgery report said it removed one large anteriorinferior subacromial spur.  I’m not a doctor so I’m hoping I’m just reading both reports wrong.

My bicep, shoulder front and back, shoulder blade and ribs still hurt. My shoulder is still catching and popping. I still have sharp stabbing pains in the back of my shoulder. My collarbone still aches. My movement is still ridiculously limited. I’m still doing all the PT that I found online and went over with the physical therapist, plus the ones he added plus some trying to get it where I can hook my own bra again. The only time I skip it is if I am doing something active like hiking or gardening that already makes it hurt without adding too much in one day. I am still unable to add weight to the exercises because it still hurts just from moving my arm to do them. To sum it up, only one thing hurts less (thumb down movement) and a whole lot of stuff (pain and mobility) is worse after surgery than before it. For the most part I am only taking the CBD oil, only adding ibuprofen when the pain is worse than normal. I still can not lay on my right side, and my left shoulder is continuing to hurt doing the work of both arms.

I tried my photography backpack on for the first time since my surgery and I can’t use it like before surgery either. I can’t handle it across my collarbone. I can’t get my arm back easy to put it thru the straps and I absolutely can’t reach back to my right to undo and redo the clasp to bring my camera to the front…the whole reason I picked that pack.

I’m praying that doing the bands too soon that the surgeon ordered (that he’d say to do again) the same ones that the physical therapist said were too soon, just set me back. I hope it is not a 6 month set back like he said it could be.

Now after reading the two reports it sounds like my high-grade (50% deep) grade 2, 3mm supraspinatus rotator cuff tear will have to heal on its own as it doesn’t sound like the tear was even addressed in the surgery report since it stated: “rotator cuff was intact”. Wait What?! Then what was the tear the MRI showed?

I also learned that my shoulder surgery only really took 34 minutes. So I waited a year to see if it’d heal on its own. I decided it wasn’t going to. I made the appointment, had the MRI, had the surgery, did the recovery as instructed and now I’m supposed to wait some more to see if another MRI is needed to re-look at my shoulder and add my bicep that has hurt this entire time.

R shoulder MRI reportShoulder surgery report

For my past shoulder post simply type shoulder in the search bar on the first page or click the tag for “shoulder”.

2 thoughts on “3 month post surgery shoulder update

  1. allenrizzi

    I had a torn rotator cuff several years ago. I chose to just let it ride. It eventually healed on its own and now I have full mobility. I also has a large back procedure that involved 3 laminectomies and two discectomies. I had great results for two years and now I am in constant paint. The moral of the story: Who knows! Medicine is just a crap shoot!



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