Sharing spring photos on summer solstice

A little side trip on the way to get some strawberries at Strawberry Hill in SC had us at Palmetto and Campbells covered bridge.

I’m a bird watcher and I knew we had a nest of baby robins. I happen to be home when this little one ventured out of the nest and kept chirping for its parents to bring something to eat. I had intended to post it for mother’s day.

Some flower shots. I love peonies but I only got a few shots before the rain beat them down.

a few of the skies as I’m still tyring to get a good lightning shot and some animals…. all 3 of our neighbors cats seem to prefer our yard :O

and lastly some from Highland Lake including the fresh water clam shells.

I am working on my photos from Roan Mountain but will give them their own post.

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