Camera club print competition and numbers theme

I didn’t make the time to choose, purchase, and assemble any prints for this year’s competition. I spent over $70 last year getting stuff for it and even though I have some of the matting stuff now, with all of our other huge expenses going on now, I couldn’t justify spending any more. I wonder if they’ll have a monetary prize for the winners this year? I mean over the last few years the yearly fee has gone up 75% and the membership is the highest I’ve ever seen it. There used to be a one and I hope this year’s winners get something for their efforts.

Most of my personal photos live on my computer and are just shared online just for fun unless of course, I’ve shot a photo for a book cover or product for a client. Here is Tyler “helping” me put the dice in a row (over and over).


I’m still troubled by Trinity’s death and how it tied into my photography the day we lost her and some stuff is easier to just put on the back burner until I’m ready to deal with it better. Top that with my thyroid being off and just sheer tiredness after working at my mom’s house since before 7am this morning I just want to go to bed.

If I would’ve had some printed it would’ve been my crepuscular rays thru the trees at Craggy, the hummer with its tongue out, my smoke horse, my man- or of course my beautiful cats but I assume since you’re not supposed to watermark them, you’re supposed to have somewhat of an anonymity and everyone at the club knows what my cats look like.


Okay so on to “Numbers”. There is the one at the top of Tyler helping me with my dice photo. Despite what I said about not spending time shooting for the themes with all the other stuff I need to do… I did it anyway.



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I was tempted to save this for “perspective” but doubted Id remember to share. I like the way you can tell the camera what you want to be in focus.


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