What I’m reading June 2018

I paged through some of my photography books. Boy, I should’ve read them many years ago as it may have saved me a lot of trial and error in the early days. Then again by doing things what I did learn along the way probably was remembered better than just reading it.


waking up in heavenYet another book that based on the highlighting in it, was loaned to me from my mom and her book club. Waking Up In Heaven by Crystal McVea and Alex Tresniowsk was a tearful read. Do I believe she was shown a glimpse of Heaven or do I just believe she thinks she saw a glimpse of Heaven?

I know that I am a child of God and He is perfectly capable of doing miracles, using angels and that just like God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that the devil is real. I do know in the Bible that God uses ordinary people. Had this story been told by someone with a more “perfect” life it wouldn’t have been relatable to so many.

Along the way the story goes from let’s call it human time and then about being in Heaven. I had no problem with that but there were a few times that I got lost in the timeline as it wasn’t written as a steady young to old life timeline.

Now on the cover. I am not a fan of many pastel colors because growing up my room and clothes were overly feminine for this outdoor loving daddy’s girl, but I see nothing about this cover I would have done the slightest bit different. It fits perfectly.


If you’ve followed my blog for long you will see I have few things in common with McVea.  I was a preemie born 2 months early in the 70s, weighing less than a few pounds at birth.  My parents were told I wouldn’t make it. I weighed too little, was born too early and my chest was sunken in as my lungs were still stuck together. As an elementary student, who happened to look small and bald for far too long, I talked a lot, like a lot, it was on every report card about how I treated school more like a social time. I guess we can chalk that up to being creative as opposed to more logical although I do like a good spreadsheet and list.



31ac0h89w8l-_bo1204203200_I tried to read the book, Carolina Girls by the late, local author Steve Brown but I just couldn’t get into it. At the start, I was having trouble keeping the girls in the story straight and after being introduced to each character I hadn’t sufficiently developed an idea in my mind of the characters and just found myself reading names as I went along. I made it to about page 50 before I gave up.


b3de102d3f202fe1253307afd0c1fcaa_originalMy cousin Wes was home in WNC from Alaska and I was saying how much we wanted to get to Alaska while he still lived there. Nothing like having a local who also happens to be a pilot and family show you around such a remote area. I was telling Wes how I often get shots in my head of what I’d like to shoot and how much I wanted to see of Alaska including the northern lights. He said Jeff Schultz did photo tours there. My aunt, his mom promptly went and to got her autographed copy of Chasing Dogs to loan me. As an animal lover, I pretty much figured the poor dogs didn’t have a choice if they wanted to lead a sled through the long Iditarod trail and didn’t really want to read about someone yelling mush while the poor dogs pulled their owner across the frozen terrain. I was first hooked by the photos. After just reading Lyndsey’s book about what she went thru to get shots as a conflict photographer and now what Shultz goes thru to get his shots of this age-old race, I felt like a big complainer not wanting to put myself through much discomfort to get a shot. This book was actually printed thru a Kickstarter campaign and is beautifully illustrated in full color. After my Ragdoll books, I know how expensive and how much goes into producing a coffee table book with captions matching all the correct photos. I mentioned my cousin is a pilot, as is his daughter and was his dad and I think our grandfather. I should really pay more attention to our family history! I learned odd methods to turn a plane in a tight 180. I read how much the mushers care for their dogs and how much goes into a race with so many volunteers giving of their expertise from people to shovel dog poop to the pilots and veterinarians. In fact, my cousin who is a vet is this pilot cousin’s sister. I’ve got a pretty talented set of cousins! I wonder if GoPro cameras and drones are going to completely change the way the Iditarod is captured? There were a few photos that really stood out to me. One a photo on page 137 that had Shultz and the sled drivers shadows in a shot, that I thought really added to what it takes to get a shot. Another on page70 of a sled and all the dogs so small in the frame it really showed the vastness and scale and lastly the dogs that in several photos looked happy and rearing to go along with the love captured between the mushers and their athletic dogs. I do wonder if Schultz had reservations about getting in a plane again after the crash or if the just took it in stride and now makes sure there is a shoulder harness for him. Lovely cover. Lovely book.



And lastly Seeking the Brown Mountain Lights the second book in the Brown Mountain Lights series by CC Tillery.  If you read this blog you will know why I’m partial to this cover out of the books I’m reading this month. I’m including this one in my June reading but  I just got started on it.  The language is a tad saltier than I remember the first one but I think this one is listed as under time travel and not young adult. Curious to see if Lizzie finds the light back to her time. I already know it ends with a cliffhanger as that is what series books often do.

I tend to like thrillers, mysteries or Christian based novels.

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If we like the same kind of books I’d love to hear your recommendations ~

3 thoughts on “What I’m reading June 2018

  1. CTHodges

    Thanks, Kim, for mentioning Seeking the Brown Mountain Lights! Lizzie’s language is a “tad saltier” when she’s mad in the first chapter but since she’s from another time we thought it rang truer to the character that way. Sorry if we offended you and I hope you enjoy(ed) the rest of the book. And thanks again for the gorgeous cover!


    1. KiM Post author

      Nope, not offended, just don’t remember it in the first one and you are right YA would likely use the same “tad salty” language. I’ll quit reading a book and future books by an author if they are against Jesus and or takes the Lord’s name in vain. I hope to get back to it soon. It still makes me happy when you like your covers… especially that one that went through so many changes. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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