Shoulder is a smidgeon better at 4 months post-op

Definitely not what I hoped for. If you read what I said a month ago very little has changed, so no need for me to make a new photo of what still hurts where, until there is improvementent  😦 

My right shoulder aches just a little less and I can force myself to lay on my right side for a few minutes if I keep my hand up near my throat. Then that makes my collarbone and shoulder hurt mostly in the back. For whatever reason walking and hiking make it hurt. I still can’t get my arm to the middle of my back to fasten good non-stretched out bras, which I could do before my surgery. I still can’t pick up weight or do the motion of passing a plate to someone on my right. I can’t pick up a gallon of milk.  I’m passing frustrated to actually being ticked off. I’m far too young to be this limited over something that should’ve been fixed.  As active as I am was it is beyond frustrating to be so limited still especially after the expense, the pain of having surgery, and time to “fix” each issue.

I still use heat and ice packs. I still take CBD oil daily and ibuprofen when I’ve actually used my arm enough to make it hurt worse. My limbs still go numb for no reason and I know has nothing to do with this, but when I do try to lay on my right side because my body is tired of the other two options, my right arm goes numb almost instantly.  I have started skipping doing the full sets of exercises daily, quite frankly because I’m tired of it after 4 months and it hasn’t really gotten me much of anywhere. I’m not sure if they intended on those being daily for life or what. Now, I’m just concentrating on getting the 2 movements back that I really lack (back and sideways) and after I get those as mobile as possible, I plan to try to add some light weights and start strengthening my entire arm – once I get the motion back. If I get it back. It still pops and cracks, well both shoulders do and it still has pains shoot thru it.

My left shoulder continues to decline doing the work of both arms. My right rib still hurts, and I’m still trying to stay positive that it just needs more time.  I canceled my August follow up because the last one was pointless, and now that I’m still in pain and have seen the surgery reports I doubt the surgeon wants to hear my thoughts anyway.  If I don’t see more improvement by August 14th, at 5 months I plan to call our insurance and see if I can get a second opinion.

For my past shoulder post simply type shoulder in the search bar on the first page or click the tag for “shoulder”.

So, since all that was a big grumpy downer of a post. Here are some summer photos that I think are happy.


I added a new portfolio of waterfalls that I’ll keep updating. We’ve been scouting them out years before I started this blog so I’ve got plenty of pics to add as time allows.

4 thoughts on “Shoulder is a smidgeon better at 4 months post-op

  1. authorbillramsey

    Kim, Unfortunately, I hear far too many reports like yours. An 88 year old friend has had severe pain after three attempts to fix a bad hip. First two went badly and we wait to hear if the latest will finally work. You have lots of company and that is what misery is said to love.


    1. KiM Post author

      Thanks for the prayers. All PT has been done at home by myself just following the directions of the surgeon (which were not good) and from my one time PT visit. I just don’t think it was really fixed. I’m hoping time will prove me wrong. Just tiring of doing the same things day after day and not seeing results.



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