My guys. Heart and Hydration.

In this two-part post, I’ll talk about my boy first. Here’s what is new with Tyler.


I got a call from Reach animal hospital early Wednesday that they had a cancelation and Tyler could see the (real) cardiologist Dr. Jesty, for his echocardiogram. I didn’t know until I started calling for Tyler echo that the SC Vet hospital where Trinity was referred for her echo didn’t have a board-certified cardiologist. I was on the worried mama list after Trinity’s unexpected death, then my cousin/vet Dr. Snyder hearing a level 2 heart murmur. I’ve been tentative to leave him for long since she heard it in March. If I did leave every time I came home between errands I’d go find him and make sure he was okay. I’m still disappointed in myself for not checking on Trinity sooner that day, even though everything about that day was anything but a typical day. I just have to believe that God orchestrated that chaotic day for me so Trinity could pass in peace in the sunroom instead of me scooping her up and being at the vets.

Tyler echo 2018 (Small)

Okay back to Tyler, I jumped on the early offered appointment and I pretty much couldn’t have asked for a better news if something had to be wrong with his heart. Thank you to those of you who saw my post on Facebook and for the prayers!

Dr. Jesty couldn’t rule out HCM as the remodeling (wavy, irregular surface in the left ventricle where it should be smooth) could be the very early stages of HCM or it could just be age-related. Her recommendation was another scan in a year to view the amount of change. The heart murmur needed no medication and I’m just to watch for changes.

Our appointment at REACH Veterinary Specialists mom was moved up a few weeks which was great. Dr. Sophy Jesty, DVM, DACVIM CARDIOLOGY really took the time to explain what she found on his echocardiogram and I’m thrilled with the news. Tyler has no thickening of the heart muscle. His left ventricle does have a slightly irregular shape but that could be age. Now we have a baseline to compare to. Dr Jesty heard the same heart murmur my cousin Dr. Shaylene Snyder at Hemlock Bluffs Animal Hospital did.

Only bad part (other than the cost) was the traffic (45 min each way) and discovering Tyler can’t ride in the car that long :0

I am so relieved. Now if Dr Jetsy will just come from Charleston Veterinary Referral Center to closer to Mountain Home NC. I’ve given up hoping (and begging) my cousin will ever move back to WNC. I really appreciate her always helping me with my furbabies and for just being an awesome cousin. A report has been sent to my local vet too.

I did switch to another grain free food after reading what I posted about last week. Well, a slow switch. The new grain free kibble still has peas, but they’re farther down the ingredient list and it has more omega, taurine and glucosamine than the last one. Plus yes, he still gets wet food.

The peas may have only been reported with dogs and heart issues ( a thinning not a thickening) but I still feel better changing. Just an FYI Dr. Jesty did know what I study I was referring to, which was comforting.

Tyler was a bit overweight at almost 17lbs. I fed Trinity and Tyler both (their own) wet and dry) but Tyler had to have plenty of dry overnight or he’d be mean to Trinity when he got hungry. After Trinity passed. I started measuring his food. It takes him 4 days to eat a small can of wet and 8 to eat a full-size can. He was eating just a 1/3 of a cup of dry per day and okay with that. Then I read about peas and heart issues in dog possibly being a problem and peas were up close on the ingredient list on their grain free food. So I went in search of a new grain free kibble. I wanted chicken or turkey, not seafood with plenty of taurine.  I had 3 in the cart but put 2 back to just try 1 at a time. Petco said if he wouldn’t eat it at all they’d refund it or let me try one of the others. Well, he loves it. I planned to mix it with his old but gave him just a bit to see if he liked it and he was almost inhaling it. I went with a senior kibble by Merrick with omegas and glucosamine. I went back to mixing it but his sensitive tummy hasn’t had any issues.

I feel better changing out the food for fewer peas and more ingredients for joint health. Apparently, he was never that fond of what I’d been serving. He has been (an even) bigger problem at night because he’s eating more of the new food and running out. I’m hoping that stops when the newness wears off. I’m also hoping he somehow learns to be a good boy at night but he’s been a problem while we try to sleep his entire life. Trinity was better at night but after shutting them both out after my open hysterectomy and seeing how much better I slept and how many fewer migraines I get when my sleep is good, I started shutting them out nightly. After Trinity died, I have a hard time shutting Tyler out when he’s out in the house all alone. Unless I’ve had a migraine and need to sleep we start out the night with the door open. If he just wakes me up for petting 3 or 4 times a night he gets to stay. He doesn’t seem to get the correlation being his activities and getting shut out. He announces he’s come into the room, that he is going to jump on the bed, that he’s on the bed and that he’d like us fully awake to pet him. He talks, he walks, he sticks his cold wet nose places I’d rather he not. He also paws at the dresser drawers and the welting on the chaise which is surprisingly loud at night. If he starts walking on my hard working hubby he gets shut out. I keep hoping he’ll get that a good boy can stay in there and a bad, loud, sleep-disturbing boy gets shut out but he never was the smartest cat. He has always wanted extra cuddling whenever he wakes up- day or night.

I hadn’t seen a recall on the PureVita I’d been feeding I don’t think ever. I do see after searching my blog that Merrick had a recall in May on their beef dog treat varieties Potential containing elevated levels of a naturally-occurring beef thyroid hormone.

I was waiting to see what Tyler’s echo showed to even consider getting another cat. A big part of me doesn’t want to or is not ready to open my heart up again so soon after it was broken. A part of me knows Tyler was born with a littermate, Trinity, he spent his entire life with and now just has us. When Trinity first passed I felt he needed a step-sibling. Now after 4 months I’m not as convinced. It bothers me the most we both leave the house or he gets shut out of the bedroom at night. I know if we did adopt it probably should be a cat about his age, but that brings up potentially soon vet cost and the likelihood that we’d lose the new cat sooner rather than later with them already being an adult. I worry if he’d accept a new cat. Would the new cat just fit right in or be a decision we regretted. I don’t know if you read how I found Tyler and Trinity but I kinda made a similar list in my head that if all that criteria was meant I’d really consider adopting again. Hubby does not feel the same. He thinks Tyler is fine alone and we’d both like to travel a bit more than a few times in eleven years. I guess the original post about adopting T&T was on a past blog, like Multiply or Blogger or one of the other ones I let go.

Now on to my other guy, My man.

9-18-12 PUT the book down 262 of 366-sm


I have a (too) hard-working husband who keeps doing 4 man jobs alone. In the sun all day, in the heat, who cramps all over, fingers and feet twisting in odd positions, back and arms twitching and knotting, is sick and pushes himself harder and longer than anyone expects, who eats salt, potassium and magnesium just to get to the next job, next person waiting and then pushes himself again the next day.

One day recently in the sun with no shade took all the new supplements I bought and drank 5 quarts (that’s 10 pounds of liquid) and still lost 7 pounds in that one day. The evening was long and he cramped until midnight.  Pretty sure any doctor would classify him with exertion heat exhaustion but despite me asking him to go get an IV of fluids, he said he’d be fine. Next day got up and repeated the day before but he did come home for lunch to cool off midday. His normal lunch break is eating his sandwich in 4 bites and getting back to work. Apparently, there are new rules to hydration.

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