Best product for curly hair ever!

Now that is quite the statement I know, but I’ve tried lots and lots of products and tools. 

Every once in a while you come across a product that you love enough to tell others about it and if you have curly hair… this is a game changer! I really hate being on the other side of the camera but I am so shocked that my thin, fine, frizzy hair could do this I’ll share anyway since Tyler is blocking part of my chins 🙂

I heard about Controlled Chaos on TV, but it was more expensive than what I normally buy so I just saved it to a pinboard to try “someday”.

It does help that I finally found a great hairdresser, Jodi, that knows what trim really is and understands how incredibly thin, fine, my slow growing non-uniformed curly hair grows. It cost more than I’d been paying but just like the curl cream – sometimes it just cost more for better stuff and it’s worth it. She also gets how to layer my hair so it still will fit in a ponytail for early morning photoshoots and she cuts it so that it doesn’t lay on top of itself making a triangle shape. I haven’t tried the product in my hair and pulled it straight yet. I’m just still too amazed at the curls.

I watched all the videos because I didn’t like that I had to sign in with Facebook to see what kind of the 9 curls I have. I realized no one had ever shown me how to work with my curls. What kind of curls you have determines how much product and where to apply. It says it’s made in the USA too which I like.

Wash just the scalp. Condition just the ends. Rinse in cold (well I had heard that one). Air dry or use a diffuser on hot air but low speed. Don’t brush or over-handle.

After trying the Curl Cream I was shocked. I went back and tried the style techniques with the old products I had and yes, it was better than the way I had been doing it BUT the Curl Cream is unique and no other product came close. Another thing I noticed is my neck and face don’t break out like if I use oils in my hair.

I can’t imagine all the room in the cabinet when I use up all the other products I’ve bought in the past that don’t come close to this. I didn’t know my hair could look like this. Soft, curls that don’t feel crunchy or look wet and brittle. Wow.!

I haven’t used the shampoo or conditioner yet but

I LOVE this curl cream!

If I had one thing I’d like to see changed is having to log in w. FB to find out the different types of curly hair instead of having to watch all the videos and guessing. They also email quite a bit and I’ll be buying from Amazon from now on.

Now, I have had several curly girls recommend Devacurl. It is harder to choose a product though, as they have so many. I wish they just offered a sample kit in a small size. I’ve taken their quiz several times with the choices that are closest to my hair, and it comes up with about 10 products. I asked them which was the closest to Controlled Chaos but they said they’d never heard of it. All I want to do is control the frizz, define the curls and not look wet, oily, dry or crunchy. If I try it someday, I’ll update this post.

3 thoughts on “Best product for curly hair ever!

    1. KiM Post author

      I have not tried Ouidad, but I will. So far nothing has come close to CC. My curl # would really depend on where you looked on my head 🙂 On the CC, they will email you to death if you buy it direct and it took me about 3x to figure out just how much to use. Try it quickly. I love it so they’ll probably discontinue it ~

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