Trinity, Tyler and Skeamer in silhouette

Back on March 2nd when Trinity’s death shocked us to the core I knew I wanted a metal silhouette like we had for Skeaemer- Kind of like a custom headstone. I wanted to post this earlier but my head and migraine have taken a trip down memory lane and my head has been horrible for the last few weeks. I just couldn’t completely get rid of my migraine and it wave over me from horrible, to bad, to let me try to get something done, then repeat.


I contacted a few people about having one made. One didn’t contact me back at all. One only replied with they were 10 weeks behind but wouldn’t give me a price estimate. Then in May my mom called to tell me she talked to the guys at Never Blue Forge set up at the Garden Jubilee so we went to see them. Father and son partners and super nice.

Todd with Never Blue Forge changed its name and web address. Here is the new one.

I found the name of the people who made Skeamers earlier but couldn’t find how to contact them and they took forever to make hers anyway.  Todd with Never Blue Forge listened thru my tears and communicated well through email. He understood how important it was to that the silhouette looked like Trinity’s shape I had drawn out and that my cats’ shapes ONLY be used for me – not a stock shape for anyone else.

They couldn’t make it as thin as Skeamers (which was fine) or with the small insert in the bottom to slide on to a 3/16″ rod that I preferred, where it lifts off the rod. So it’s attached to a large rebar long stick. A little harder to handle and store and you have to push something else in the ground first so you’re not pushing on the cutout itself. We didn’t want to snap Trinity’s tail off!. I occasionally bring Skeamers inside to the sink to wash it, but I can’t easily do that with Trinity and Tyler shapes.

Based on the sizes their metal came in, it would cost a bit less to have one made for Trinty and Tyler at the same time than having them made separately.  I went to work finding, drawing and sharing exactly what I wanted for both. I just hope it is many, many years before Tyler’s is used.

So in May I gave them the final drawings and ordered the metal custom cut out silhouettes. Todd had told me they were waiting on the main part for their machine that cuts the metal, and then they had issues with it but even though there were delays from the estimate he kept me updated the entire time.

Tyler w his silhouette 07 31 2018 09.0652-smIn July he had them cut out and made a few changes to make them closer to my cats and sent them to the painter. I am happier with the cutouts than I am the job the powder coat painter did- but it’s nothing that can’t sand out when they need repainting someday.

When they were ready for pick up on Friday I had a migraine and couldn’t even return a call to Bob, Todd’s father, to respond so we ended up getting them Monday, July 30th. Yesterday it was 5 months since we lost Trinity. I still miss her so much.  Now we have this custom silhouette that looks just like her “princess pose” to mark her grave. She actually usually covered her feet but I like both feet showing for this. Skeamer’s silhouette moved with us but her resting place is at our last home underneath a dogwood tree a friend gave us and help plant when my dad passed away.

I debated about having Tyler’s made belly up, but that is the way he lays and it is unique to him, his “bunny-boy” pose.  I probably shouldn’t have drawn the cuts in the legs- but I did. Trinity looks a tad closer to what she looked like but they went by my drawings so that falls completely on me.

We put Trinity’s silhouette by Skeamers with the Sagina Subulata Irish Moss and  Lithodora Diffusa Grace Ward flowers.  (I put that here for my benefit because if I write the names out of what I planted near the silhouettes I can hopefully remember that this is where I wrote it down.) I’ll move the little rocks after they grow. I just don’t want to step there and they are marking the corners until they flowers and moss grow.

I’ve wrapped Tyler’s and will keep it inside and pray it’s a long time before it joins the other two.

Here he is checking out his. Funny boy.


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