Product Reviews on our (new) kitchen appliances

I could say that I really wanted to test out our new stuff in our new house for a while before posting my review, but the truth is, life just got in the way and time just kept passing me by. But then, our Samsung fridge froze up for like the 5th time and I decided to take the time to write about it to hopefully save some of you the same expense and issues.

On our new appliances in general, I won’t be buying stainless steel again because no matter what they say- it is not smudge-proof. I really preferred my textured black appliances in our last house. With the SS you have to clean it with a specific product (I like Steel Meister) and make sure you apply it uniformly with a soft cloth or even that shows.

Trin w fridgeSamsung fridge RF23HCEDTSR Would I buy it again? NO! I’m embarrassed to even tell you how much this piece of garbage cost. My hairdryer sits on the counter for me to defrost my icemaker AGAIN as soon as I finish my morning coffee. This makes the 5th time since my shoulder surgery in March. I knew I was doing it too often. As in, I don’t think you should have to defrost an icemaker on a fridge that expensive ever- but every 4 to 5 weeks is absurd. We bought the one with the door and freezer ice makers because my husband packs a cooler for work. It is not quiet and it drips. Which always intrigued Trinity. The little water reservoir almost always needs to be soaked up with a paper towel.  ON the fridge part, the one shelf in the door near the icemaker is really small. If you keep products on the shelf too close to the ice makers bottom the ice maker freezes up quicker. The freezer divider won’t move where you want it and it won’t stay in place unless you’ve wedged food in to hold it. I’d rather the divider hold my food where I want it instead of the other way around. If you want a tub of say, ice cream in the freezer top part you have to open the fridge door to get it out. Oh and all this didn’t start really showing it’s ugly head until just after the 1 year warranty expired. It’s a good thing we still have our 30-year-old fridge in the garage to fall back on. Now to go find places that really matter to post my review as our Samsung refrigerator has a real problem!

I found out recently that there is a class action lawsuit for the Samsung ice maker.

Samsung Flex Duo gas stove NY58J9850WS. Would I buy it again? no, not in gas anyway. I like the idea behind using just part of the oven for cooking for two instead of the entire oven but when you use just the top oven you have to add tin foil because the food is too close to the eye and it burns on top before it cooks. The left side of the oven cooks much faster than the right. Also when using the oven you have to be careful when you’re are turning the light or timer on that you don’t hit the cancel button and turn the oven off. The digital display buttons are very close together and I do that all the time even with small hands. I got used to those two things. If you have the light on (one for top and one for the bottom) and you open the door for a better look, the light goes off and you have to turn it back on every time. I don’t like cleaning up after cooking on gas. The top needs cleaning and it’s a pain. You have to take off the grates and try to clean the splatters from around the burners and every time I hit at least one burner disc and have to put that back. The grates and disk need cleaning too but not in the dishwasher. The grates have little rubber feet that I read come off in the dishwasher so I have to manhandle them in the sink. We were told no one could believe we canned on a glass top. We did without any problems. They say gas if faster. I’d argue it’s no faster getting water to boil and as far as cooling down faster we used to just shift the pot off the eye and that worked fine. Glass smooth tops are WAY easier to clean. I’d consider the magnetic ones but I don’t care to have gas again. When you lock the display to clean it, the knobs to turn the gas on still turn the gas on so you have to be very careful when cleaning the splatters off the knobs that you haven’t turned on the gas.

Maybe it’s just that I don’t enjoy cooking, but being able to cook when you lose power isn’t always a plus 🙂


Kitchenaid dishwasher KDFE104DSS  *see update at the bottom.  I’d say I didn’t like it because the first time we used it, it leaked everywhere. Called service. They knew about the seal problem and sent someone to fix it. Only two things I don’t like. 1. You have to really open and shut the door hard to be able to run it. 2. I don’t like that I can no longer put my salad plates on the top because they’re too big to fit even with the top shelf lowered- although that may be a pet peeve with my dishes. I don’t like that my big spoons have to lay across an entire long slot on the top shelf to keep from hitting the spinner bar stood up in the bottom tray.  It also seems to run for a very long time.

I think I got gypped on my top shelf too as it has the tine clip for lowering and standing up a row of tines on the top shelf but every tine row is fixed. Didn’t realize it until we’d had it awhile when I went to undo the clip to lower the tines and no of them move. I contacted Kitchenaid and at first they told me it was a dish guard. (It goes on the bottom and doesn’t even touch a dish). Then when I sent the photo they told me it was a dispenser guard. It was 8″ from the dispenser and even if it was all the way in the front there is no way it could “guard” the dispenser door where it is. My best friend has a Kitchenaid (different model than ours with the nice utensil 3rd rack) but they said they had that plastic part on theirs. I asked for a picture and guess what? It’s a tine clip like I thought for raising and lowering a row of tines. So I got the clip but all my tine rows are welded and don’t lay down. Even my last 12 year old dishwasher that cost a lot less let a row lay down on the top and bottom. Bet I’ll pay more attention to that next time. BTW Kitchenaid – I didn’t buy the BS.

Kitchenaid BS.jpg

So the newer, way more expensive appliances don’t do any better, or even as well, as the appliacnes, we bought for our first house in 1993.

*May 2019 update. The $630 Kitchenaid dishwasher has quit at just 2 1/2 years old with 2 adults in the household.

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