Shoulder at 5 months, and in 6 days I get a 2nd

The end of July, beginning of August my migraines came back with a vengeance and I felt like my head had been transported back in time to when migraines plagued me for weeks at a time. After 2 weeks of this, I went to the chiropractor and he fixed my “all jacked up neck.” That helped a lot. I told him he still couldn’t do much with my arm movement at 4 1/2 months post-op because it was still painful. He asked if I wanted a referral for a second opinion. He could call Jones or Hall.

I picked Dr. Suzanne Hall. I wasn’t planning on making an appointment until after 6 months but I wasn’t sure how long it’d take to get in so I had them refer me.

I made a trip by with my DVD with x-rays and MRI and I printed off the MRI report and surgery report with my notes. I gave her the web address to read this blog regarding just my shoulder if she was really proactive she could read the dozen or so post about my shoulder before my appointment.

I’m looking forward to hearing her thoughts and getting some answers. Do I just wait longer? Did the bands at the start just set me back? Was it all really repaired? Was it repaired correctly? Should the labral tear have been stitched or the bicep moved?  Is there damage to my bicep that was never looked at? and do they accept my insurance?


My appointment is in 6 days so I came up with a condensed timeline and went ahead and did a new “what hurts where drawing” at 5 months. Not that different than the before surgery one is it? 😦

  • January 2017 injured right shoulder carrying something too heavy
  • Gave it a year to heal on its own without success
  • January 2018 took 500 mg of anti-inflammatory every day, saw the chiropractor (who thought it was bicep tendonitis), took curcuminOmega, used lots of ice packs, topical creams, KT tapeOsteo Bio-Flex, and rested my right arm ven more than I’d been babying it, but it was still not better and my left shoulder and lower right rib were hurting.
  • February 2018 Saw Dr. Brooks and had MRI. MRI report says 3mm high-grade partial tear in the supraspinatus tendon of my rotator cuff tear, I was told 2 bone spurs, impingement at acromioclavicular or AC joint, and suspected a slap lesion (labral tear).
  • March 14 2018 Dr Brooks did shoulder surgery.  Said he repaired the 2 to 5 O’clock anterior (front) labral tear with a stitch (which is not how he said he would fix it before surgery to keep the bicep from pulling on the labrum, but it was lower than a 10 to 2 O’Clock of a SLAP tear. He said he repaired my high-grade rotator cuff tear, removed a bone spur, did a clavical distal resection for the impingement and that I had rotator cuff tendonitis. He said the surgery was a success and to not move my arm at all.
  • One week later I had the stitches out and he said to start the resistance bands and gave me a PT sheet to follow at home. So no movement, to resistance on day 8 post.
  • Day 8 after surgery- did the bands. My pain went thru the roof. I contacted he said to stop for 2 weeks other than pendulums.
  • Before starting back, contacted again. Said to wait another 10 days.
  • April 16th at basically 4 weeks post I started back the bands. Pain was too bad. Went to every other day.
  • 6 weeks post I stopped the bands because I kept getting worse and found my own passive PT instructions online and started all those daily except the 2 movements he told me not to (side more than 90 and behind me)
  • My lower right rib is really being a problem
  • A few days past 7 weeks I saw a physical therapist. He said the bands that soon set me back and to keep doing the exercises I am doing and he added a few more.
  • At 2 months 8 days post I had the follow up with the surgeon. He did not answer my specific questions about what he did in surgery and just said if my shoulder and my bicep still hurt on my August 1st visit he’d do another MRI. He also said he would not do anything differently surgery or instruction wise. He told me not to lift or do stuff over my head. At the one week appointment, the instructions okay’d overhead.
  • Right after that appointment, I got copies of the MRI and the surgery report. I saw discrepancies. I don’t see that anything was done to the rotator cuff tear. I’m hoping I’m looking at that incorrectly.
  • I canceled my August 1st appointment and decided to keep doing the PT I’ve been doing to get motion restored. When (and if) I get motion restored I planned to add light weights back and try to get my strength back.
  • Went to the chiropractor for migraines. He said he call in for me to get a second opinion on my shoulder. I was going to wait until I’d been 6 months but I’ve really leveled off and still don’t have a good range of motion. I have added light weights, less than 2 pounds.

August 14, 2018 at 5 months I still can’t lay on my right side without pain, or lift a gallon of milk unless my elbow is touching my body. I still can’t push myself up like in a chair to scoot. I can’t pull myself up when I’m out in the woods. My motion is still limited. I no longer hurt worse than before surgery but what is the point of surgery if you end up still in pain with limited use. I can turn my thumb down. I can reach back almost to 90 to pull a door closed and I could not do those before surgery. However, it hurts worse to lay on my right side. Along the length of my collarbone hurts and it did not hurt at all before the surgery, it also didn’t use to catch like it does now. In fact it hasn’t hurt since I broke in like 1983. Up my neck hurts worse than before surgery. My motion to reach my arm behind me or put  my hand on my hip are all worse. I still have aches and shooting pains in the same places I had before surgery in the front and back of my shoulder and down my arm.


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