Where’s the falls?!

at Pearson Falls 26 2018 11.35.05-sm

I went back to Pearson Falls again but tried not to photograph the same things so I picked small areas and spots I hadn’t paid attention to before. I took time without the camera just to lean back on a rock and enjoy the falls.


Then we tried one of my suggestions to find Fishtop / Fishstop falls. I read it was a 500 yard walk. Sounded easy enough- or maybe that’s how I wanted to interpret it. I’m not sure I found it. We walked along the Green Rivers edge in the twigs and damp soil. When I was down on the ground photographing butterflies my friend noted that it’d be a great place for water moccasins. Well, now that’ll mess up my comfort zone of photographing down at the water’s edge in the woods.


June spotted people with kayaks on their back but we followed a little too late to see the entire trail they took. I wanted to see if I went just a little farther if I’d see the falls. My friend waited (smartly) on the “trail” when she’d had enough. I’m actually surprised she was game at all after our last outing. I climbed over trees and wood debris from what looked like much higher water and made it this far…


I’m thinking it wasn’t the falls. ON the way back the trail” was not defined I looked back and my friend was 20′ above me. I had missed what I thought was a trail when I took it the first time. Maybe I’ll go back with hubby for the Green River Narrows Race.

I didn’t really think that an “easy to reach” falls with “a number of paths to take that “meander all over the place” we’d have a water crossing, and so rough of a terrain where trails were not even visible for large sections. I’m not great at distance (hence why I want a GPS tracker) so not sure if I went 500 yards, but when it turned to climbing over and under trees with waist high “steps” in what looked to be great places for snakes. I’m guessing Fishtop falls ie: Hammer Factor was farther upstream? I’m pretty sure the people ahead of us carrying kayaks didn’t make that kind of time on the same “trail” we took. Maybe when Kevin Adams doesn’t have his full normal listing of things like trail difficult, waterfall beauty or height of the falls, I’ll think twice about interpreting what I read through rose colored glasses.

When I got home and was trying to find more info to see if that was or wasn’t  Fishtop / Fishstop Falls I found this from a fishing site.  “ If you’re up for an adventurous hike, the Green River Gorge will have all you want and then some. It’s full of big drops and class 3-5 rapids. This section is designated wildwater and has a bounty of beautiful wild rainbows. If you are not in good physical condition, I do not advise this hike for you. There are also a healthy population of Timber Rattlesnakes in the Gorge, so please be advised.”


My best friend told me about an old mill so after church, hubby took me to show me where it was and to help me find a few other things I was looking for to photograph… a specific breed of cow, and a house with corn fields lining the drive my brother in law told me about. If you are local and happen to know the house owner… I’d be happy to give them a copy of the photo. I know, he’s a pretty understanding hubby to drive around looking for cows and corn fields, but then again he’s went along to find a bear shadow in Cashiers and drove to Kentucky to see a moonbow in December no less.

I asked again about a Fitbit tracking distance by milage in the middle of the woods where cells don’t work or if I needed a dedicated GPS that works off satellite and thankfully Karen F on North Carolina Waterfalls FB page answered (THANK YOU KAREN). She used a Fitbit and a Garmin watch and said the Garmin watch was the way to go for what I needed. Of course, if/when I pick a tracker, I’ll review it on my site!


After hearing that I started looking into GPS/GLONASS hiking trackers and they offer a lot! Some you can put in GPS coordinates and since Kevin Adams book lists those on most of his waterfalls, that’d be great. It tracks distance and records your tracks all without needing a cell phone signal. You can put in waypoints like where you started from your car too. I mostly wanted one that help me know when I’d gone a certain distance because directions almost always have something like “after 1 mile take the first spur trail to your left” and I never know when I’ve gone a mile because my cell service stops. They even offer altimeters, barometers, an electronic compass and some even have a heart monitor. Which I’m pretty sure I can count my heart rate by it pounding in my ears but it couldn’t hurt. I’m wondering if they have any kind of signal for someone to find if you’re like really lost in the woods too? I guess battery life, accuracy, weight, size, and price will be the determining factors.

I have to buy a new battery for my old Samunsy 4 just to make it thru a day now with mobile data turned off. Hey, I wonder if there’s a smartphone that incorporates GPS thru satellites since this old one isn’t going to last forever.

I bought a few lights for my product photography
and a lightweight tripod.

The GVB Gear Compact Daylight On-Camera Light with Built-In Battery GVBPL12  worked so well and was so lightweight I bought another so I could uniformly light a product without dragging out my big lights. These seem to stay charged a long time and work well. They get a little warm but for the price, I’m very happy.

I bought two more from another brand, Litra LitraTorch Photo and Video Light LIT22BUBK because the first set worked so great. The cube lights don’t hold the charge near long enough and they get really hot- and they cost more than the first set. Shoulda stopped after the first two. Also if you are using the threaded part for a tripod, you cant’ also plug in the short USB charger cord because it’s on the same side.

My shoulder is really bothering me on hikes. It hurts to carry my Vanguard 4lb tripod with my right arm even just letting my arm hang, but I don’t like leaving my right arm free because if I trip or fall I don’t want to throw it out to catch myself. I do extend my tripod it to use it as a balance stick, not really a walking stick, but it helps to keep me from losing my balance when crossing on rocks or over water.


I bought a MeFOTO BackPacker Air travel tripod that weighs half of my Vanguard tripod at less than 2 pounds and folds down nicely.  I like to buy USA made but it is made in China. It extends to almost the same height as my Vanguard close to my 5′ face height. I don’t trust it as much as it feels top heavy and I’m worried the twist legs won’t hold. I wouldn’t leave my camera on top and walk outside of arm’s length to it and there is no way I’d use it to help with my balance while walking but it is a lot lighter to lug deep into the woods and if my shoulder will ever let me carry my photography backpack again, I’m betting this fits inside it. The warranty is great if you register online at 5 years. The hardest part was finding the serial number and I had to go online to see how to fully extend it everywhere as the directions were pretty bad. It has a remote to use it as a selfy stick but I don’t see me using those. I figured out you charge the remote with your cell phone charger. If you don’t flip the legs totally backward it doesn’t fit into the case (see far right photo in the set of 3 below). The little leg locks get pulled out away from the legs to lock and unlock. You untwist to extend the legs and twist by the end to tighten. It is hard to know you’ve really got it locked unless you count the 4 clicks. It is harder to get it the right height without flip locks or locks you can turn from the joints instead of the very bottom, especially after the camera is attached.

pmu50-plates1_0You do have to use a tool to attach the QR plate, which I really hate it when tripod doesn’t have the twisty end on it like shown above. I went to their website for this tripod to look and it showed a picture (see above) of the end I like so I incorrectly assumed it would have it. Note that is not what is on the one I bought (see far left photo below).


The extra little bag sewn inside the carry bag is nice but the tool is too long to fit in it. You do need the tool as a quarter won’t work without a slot. The best part is I CAN open the battery and SD door with the plate attached on my FZ1000. My fz300 will let me open the door with my Vanguard plate but not my 1000.

I don’t trust it without having my hands nearby but it is better than my super low tripods other than the 3″ one that does fit in my bag.

2 thoughts on “Where’s the falls?!

  1. AuthorJoePerroneJr

    I made that hike with a friend, two days before my stroke. No water moccasins down there, but plenty of copperheads. I’ve had one or two of them swimming in the water with me as I fly fished. Never knew I could levitate until the first one swam by. Yikes! Thankfully, I haven’t encountered a rattler (yet). Saw a dead five-footer once in the road. Ugh! Still, I love to fish there . . . Call me crazy. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KiM Post author

      Do you happen to know if that was the waterfall or if the falls is farther upstream?

      Hopefully, if I go back sometime the trail will be easier to see and stay on. I don’t like being up close and personal with snakes, especially if I don’t see them before they’re right beside me so I can clear a wide path by. To be in the water i know I prefer pools over rivers, lakes and the ocean. Now not in the water – that flips. We’ve never spotted a rattler yet either. I’m okay with that 🙂 but if I ever do I bet I get a picture (with my lens zoomed long).



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