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Now didn’t that headline sound confusing 🙂

Fontana Dam
We were on the way to drive the Tail of the Dragon but veered off for a quick stop to see Fontana Dam. I purposefully didn’t bring my camera because I’ve got way too much computer work to do and didn’t want more photos to edit. Plus I am just kinda burned out with my workload including photo culling and editing right now. Neat to see though! Hubby told me it is the tallest dam in the Eastern United States.

Fontana Dam 08 2018 13.28.17-sm


Tail of the Dragon
Why oh why would you get on this to drive 15 mph the whole time without pulling off on the multiple pull-offs to let those of us who really want to drive it pass? Although it wasn’t too terribly different than some of our other curvy mountain roads it was fun to roll the windows down, open the sunroof and enjoy. In hindsight, a great classic rock CD would’ve been nice and I would’ve washed my car if I knew they’d have photographers.

My hubby can grow a garden! delicious produce every year. He even know how to can. My favorite is his special corn he orders. All the the harvest was down this year with the weird weather but I admire all his effort especially with how busy he is for work. May be the last year for peaches. He actually bought an almond tree. When it did produce he discovered they sent him a peach tree. Started with three of them but when we built they had to move and only one survived. This year the branches bent so far down that some broke even after he staked it, and he couldn’t even mow under it so unless it can be heavily trimmed it may go.


Twin Falls
I’ve been to this one before but went to show family. This time I did take a shot of the bottom of the observation post- botom pic. It gets my stomach to be on it with anyone else because of the movement so I prefer to go on the rock. There where people at the top of this one. We’ve had so many deaths in the area from people being just plain ignorant and being close to the edge on slippery rocks. The truck was at a restaurant we gave up on. We got there at 11:20 and they had quit with breakfast and wouldn’t start with lunch until noon. At 12:10 they still hadn’t opened but finished writing the sign for a bologna sandwich for $9.75 so we just ate granola bars in the car and left to go to Eastaoe falls.

Rusty truck in SC 08 2018 11.49.38-sm.jpg

Eastatoe Falls
I’ve been here several times but I really love this waterfall. It is beautiful but what I really admire but how the sweet homeowners share there backyard beauty with others. I hope people continue to be safe, and leave no trace. My family agreed both falls were so nice to see especially with the easy walks to them both.
Eastatoe Falls 08 2018 13.05.43-sm.jpg

My niece, ie: really 2nd cousin but that just doesn’t have the same ring,  let me do a mini photo session and hold Bunny. Such a cuddly little guy. He can really cover some ground outside making her have to jog along beside him to let him run freely on the leash.

Carl Sandburgs
Three of us were left to go on to Carl Sandburgs – we’d lost the others four along the day going to do other things. Always a nice spot to take a walk and I got to spend time talking photography with my niece. She’s got quite the natural eye. Maybe we can do a 365 project together one day.

Two photo contest
I ran another Viewbug contest “Contrast” and had tough time choosing a winner with all the great entries. I’ve been trying as I cull photos, tag and organize them to choose some for a contest I’d like to enter. I’ll be sure to update my choices here if I get-r-done.

Camera club – architecture
I had 3 in mind for this GYBS at the club which have to be shot this year. I was going to shoot architectural plans, and I tried to build a house of cards but I couldn’t get it built to take a photo so I only submitted one for this one of the wasp and his architecture.

wasp on nest 05 10 2018 4-sm

I added a few on here to share that I didn’t send as some are from early than this year.

It’s that time of year again when I start looking forward to fall photography and again at buying an orange hunting vest that is practical, washable and may just keep me from being shot by a hunter. I found some reviews for hunter vests but not for photographers- although I’m guessing neither of us wants Velcro and loud zippers scaring away the wildlife. I looked for photography vest but surprisingly with all the outdoor photographers who shoot in the woods, none looked to come in orange. There’s my design patent idea for the taking. Another photographer friend suggested I look into fishing vest too. I still want to make the time to learn about hiking GPS unis and it’d be great if I could pick something before the time of year I spend the most time in the woods I possibly can.

P1130656-sm (Mobile)

It’s also the time of year to cut the tops out of the zebra grass. I know how it can cut me but I was just going out to trim a few and ended up cutting all the tops out of all the bushes we have. Looks like I’m into self-harm, but it’s just stupidity for not coming in and getting a long-sleeved shirt! Even though I can now put any shirt on and off with my shoulder that all changes when it is soaked in sweat. I always forget to put on a button up to work in the yard and my shoulder still hurts to take a wet t-shirt over my head- especially after I’ve worn myself out doing “just one more thing” in the yard.

WWPW2018 (Mobile)

WWPW – Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk
Mark your calendars for October 6th and go sign up for a walk near YOU!
Just a hint on their t-shirts – they run SMALL. I bought one for $27 that I added “North Carolina” in addition to Kelby’s logo. It’s a 2x that fits like an XL with 21″ across the bust. Tried on once in gray.

If I’m unreachable by email for a bit… this is why.
With my graphics-heavy programs, I decided to try an SSHD solid-state hybrid drives 
It is both a smaller SSD with a larger HDD drive. I’ve been trying for a year to make time to cull thru my files and clean it up. After years of just saving everything and buying bigger and bigger computers and moving my data every time. Well, I did make progress but I’d go on one photoshoot and my 1TB hard drive would be redlined screaming at me that it was too full. So, with back to school specials and reading about how these hybrid drives were so much faster I decided to bite the bullet and get a new computer. Since nothing is wrong with the one I have I’m not pushed to get everything moved. Well, it came and I started adding programs, problem was everything wanted to install on C which is the smaller faster SSD that is supposed to be used for cache so memory hog programs like Photoshop can run quicker. So I stopped and started reading about what to put where. There seems to be conflicting info other than if stuff is on the SSD it loads faster, but of course, you can’t put all the programs on there. I knew my files and photos went on the new 2TB mechanical drive but I didn’t know where all the programs went- especially Photoshop, Lightroom and OnOne. One new thing I learned that it is one of those “about time” things is there is a new kind of USB type C that you don’t have to have turned a certain way to go in. I know right- I can’t be the only person that always tries the wrong way first. I’ve also always plugged my USB plugs in wherever but learned that USB 3.1 Gen 2 are faster than just 3.0 so it will make a difference where I plug in my external back up drives!

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