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How ’bout them apples

and grapes and pumpkins. We have an abundance of churches, Mexican restaurants, and apple orchards around here, well now we have a lot of breweries too.

A few of us gals took off to hit the orchards around Western NC.  Several we drove past because they didn’t really look like they’d appreciate us touring around with our cameras and tripods.

St. Paul Mountain Vineyards 10 2018 7-sm

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Contrast & Color

Thankfully, I had already uploaded most of the pictures to my blog for this post before my less than 2 month old, new Dell computer crashed – especially since their customer service is so horrible. I will be updating my blog soon on that.

CCoH theme for the October critique forum is contrast. Here are the three I submitted plus a few more. I shot the chess pieces on purpose for this theme.

Contrast: winner / loser, light / dark, black / white, King / Queen

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More talkative Tyler

I go back and forth on getting Tyler another feline playmate. Hubby is in the hard no category. No cat could replace his littermate sister Trinity for us, and I’m guessing for him either. When we are home, which is a lot of the time, I don’t think he’d appreciate another cat getting some of his attention. When we are out of the house and at night, I think he may like another cat in the house.

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Why I’ll never buy a Dell computer again.

My less than 2 months old expensive @Dell xps8930 won’t even stay on long enough to back up my stuff or run diagnostic. Blue screen WHEA_uncorrectable_error which is the most serious fatal hardware error. and Blue screen Watchdog_error which is a processor error. BTW it never moved from 0% complete.


Even though it is NOT 2 months old, their solution  Continue reading