Real women shoot animals with a camera

Cataloochee Valley 10-01-2018 10-Edit-sm

Our preview of autumn was brief and I wish it’d come back to stay. It is my favorite season, but darn if it doesn’t feel like summer. I’m sure winter won’t be as patient to make its entrance and with summer still hanging on, I feel fall is getting gypped on time. I’m wondering if hurricane Michael will do damage and take away the green leaves before they have a chance to turn colors. We got a lot of rain overnight. My 5″ rain gauge was overflowing Thursday morning at dawn.

I went with Judy to Johnson Farm for Farm Day in Fall, but since I’ve recently been with June, and shared pics from then, I’m just going to share mostly inside shots. I like their spring event a little better than this one in fall- or just going when there is no event works too. I want to keep this site free, but since I share photography, I’m filling it up too quickly. I had some stuff shared on G+, but that came back to bite me now that they are shutting it down. I’m tempted to share some of the bandwidth and space on Flickr but not sure what is happening with it after Smugmug purchase. I hate to think this will be my 3rd or 4th, but not last, blog site.

Elk at dawn with CCoH. I think a few of these would make excellent book covers.

Look how much fluffier of a backside the baby has.

Cataloochee Valley 10-01-2018 154-sm

We also stopped at Wheels Through Time, but they didn’t allow flash or tripods and I opted not to pay $15 to look at old motorcycles and just shot some around outside.

and Elk again a few days later with family at dusk. I really liked the family of elk. I also liked the yellow topped trees the sun was hitting. Not quite like Colorado Aspen but still pretty.  My niece took a wonderful photo of two young male elk butting antlers — a shot I’ve been hoping to capture. I hope she shares it and the one she got of hubby and I walking hand in hand.

Cataloochee Valley 10-06-2018 19.10 10.09-sm

Photographer in the making

Cataloochee Valley 10-06-2018 17.36 36.36-sm

never to young to start a bugle

Cataloochee Valley 10-06-2018 17.38 38.29-2-sm

elk yoga

A note on a Tiffen Filter with a rebate offer I bought from B&H back on May 29th. I turned in the rebate within the first few days after I received the filter so I could include the UPC and receipt. It’s now been over 4 months and no rebate. I’ve contacted B&H, who said to contact Tiffen. Tiffen says and I quote.

“Thank you for contacting Tiffen. We have received your rebate submission. Due to the overwhelming response we had with this rebate incentive, we are running a little behind in processing and sending out the rebate checks. Be assured your rebate request is in queue and will be processed as soon as possible.”

Not very good customer service if you ask me.

As much as I love getting up early and seeing the world covered in early morning dew, fog and quiet, I also enjoy having ALL my morning coffee and not waking with an alarm- well, other than Tyler.

I really don’t look forward to editing all the pictures I take either because I simply press the shutter too darn much. I like spending time with family and friends. I like seeing it all and when I do take the time to work on photos, share locations, product reviews, and info I appreciate the comments, shares, likes on here, Facebook and YouTube and of course photography referrals, book cover photography, and cover design referrals. I also like seeing your blogs, websites and what you’ve been up to.

I have joined Linkedin and I joined Instagram too but I don’t shoot with my phone much and I’m not sure how to upload from my computer yet.

2 thoughts on “Real women shoot animals with a camera

  1. Judy Tuthill

    Exceptional photos! You certainly captured the early-morning elks in their foggy environment.
    Really gives that mystical feeling of solitude. Nice collage of shots from the Johnson Farm , too.
    Good job.



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