Honorable mention in WNC Magazine photo contest

It was not in the rules not to have your photo watermarked but they requested one without it after the contest had started. I’m not in the habit of posting large photos or photos that have not been watermarked since it is what I do for a living. It was my understanding you only sent larger, logo-free photos if you won the contest or they wanted it for the cover as then they would give photo credit. Although I’m honored to have an image chosen to be in the finals and be awarded an honorable mention.

https://www.wncmagazine.com/…/images_western_north_carolina… #24/50 Cold Squirrel


Squirrel in the snow. “Cute for food”

My entry is the squirrel in the snow title Cute For Food. (no longer watermarked)

This year I realized, I am competing against myself and sent in three – they chose my squirrel in the snow title Cute For Food

My cardinal made the cover the first time I entered in 2016. The second year, I entered 5, and only my white squirrel made it into the finals, but I didn’t win or make a cover last year so, I’m trying again. I’d love to just have a job of shooting cover photos around WNC!

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