Shoulder just over 7 months

I feel like my all-the-time shoulder pain is letting up, and that my strength and movement is incredibly limited.

Dr. Hall said the measurements on my range of motion have improved. She was pleased to hear giving my shoulder the rest it never got, helped with the all-the-time achy pain. She said the collarbone ache, that didn’t hurt until after surgery, was probably from movement of the bone. She said she takes less bone off of a distal resection than I had removed and that taking that much can cause movement front to back which can cause pain. Movement that may never get better as you can’t put the bone back.

She listened and heard me when I said my bicep has hurt ever since the injury. She said that a surgeon can not see all of the bicep during surgery and that I could have frays or partial tears along my bicep muscle. This would make sense to me, as it hurt immediately when I injured it, has been basically unchanged and both chiropractors thought it was bicep something in the year before I went to see what was wrong with my arm. She said there really isn’t anything to be done for the bottom of the bicep as long as it’s not totally torn- and mine is not by her assessment. She said the top part of the bicep, the part that couldn’t be seen during surgery is supposed to slide in an indent or grove and if it was frayed there, it might be why the movement of passing a plate to the side hurts and is not doable and why it hurts in the front top part of my arm.

As sick and tired as I am of the exercises, she said it was not a good idea just to go back and try to use my right arm like normal. She said I had to slowly build back the strength and motion to avoid it getting all inflamed again and being set back.

No one really has my recovery to compare to because the instructions I was given to start the bands on day eight is just unheard of. Everyone except the surgeon who did my surgery and said to do them that soon, said at the least, it set my recovery back as my shoulder did not have time to heal from the surgery.

Dr. Hall took it down to just a few stretches and a few strength exercises that she’d really like me to keep up with and had Maureen verify I was doing them correctly. Saying again “they are not supposed to hurt.”

I have an appointment in another month. I guess if my bicep is still a problem she’ll order an MRI to look and see if there is any damage or adhesions that can be fixed. Just my guess as you can only judge so much without seeing the muscles and tendons.

Just sick of it all and still kicking myself for past choices.

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2 thoughts on “Shoulder just over 7 months

  1. AuthorJoePerroneJr

    I feel your pain . . . and the pain in my own left shoulder. I’ve already had surgery on the right one. Think I’ll just endure the pain, rather than go through that whole process again. I sure hope you get some relief as time goes by. 🙂


    1. KiM Post author

      I tried for a year before seeing what was wrong with my right shoulder after it being basically unusable and learning of it’s several problems. Left has had 2 coritizone shots. I can say that if I ever have to go thru this again, I too would wait until I couldn’t take it anymore then see Dr. Hall.



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