Why I’ll never buy a Dell computer again.

My less than 2 months old expensive @Dell xps8930 won’t even stay on long enough to back up my stuff or run diagnostic. Blue screen WHEA_uncorrectable_error which is the most serious fatal hardware error. and Blue screen Watchdog_error which is a processor error. BTW it never moved from 0% complete.


Even though it is NOT 2 months old, their solution  is to wipe it out back to factory settings, have me screw around and waste time putting my files and software back on the lemon of a computer just to see if it does it again and if it does then they’d send me a refurbished one to waste more time putting my files and software on it. Not what I paid for!

10 months left on my obviously pointless warranty. On hold Thursday for hours. On hold for over  2 1/2 hours all while we have out of town company. All I’m getting is choppy hard to hear reading of the script over a bad connection every time in a voice that almost sounds computer generated repeating the fact that my lemon lasted almost 60 days, which is over their 30 day return policy… but they understand why I am upset and to have a good day.

As it was left, after I took it to social media, there is a request in to send me a new, not refurbished one for an exchange. On FB dell commented that they showed the problem resolved. I’m thinking that just turning in a request to possibly fix the problem, is not what I would call being resolved.

I’m still going to lose whatever didn’t back up because it can’t stay on long enough for me to add whatever is not backed up to my external hard drive. I think it is mostly photo edits but it’s not like I really wanted to edit twice, especially with autumn here.

Day 3 without my computer and counting.

#shouldhavevewentwithHP #lemonDell #badcustomerservice #dellcomputerUSA

Just a heads up of something I discovered. I told them my desktop shows a battery symbol. They confirmed it was a desktop but didn’t acknowledge what I’d said. I found it could be from being plugged into a UPS. I told them that right after I got it I had to turn sleep to “never” because it wouldn’t wake and had to be hard restarted. No comment. No help. It shows a battery symbol even when not plugged into a UPS so I guess it has a built in battery of some kind.

The computer I just outgrew was an off the shelf HP from our local Staples store.  Guess that is what I get for trying to buy one better suited for photo work from dell.com. I should’ve stuck with spend less every few years instead of spending more for a built one. If they don’t act like they have some customer service, I guess I’ll contact Visa and see if they stand behind purchases like Discover does.

Should have bought an HP again locally.


IF you have used a hybrid SSD and HDD dual hard drive please let me know what you did.

My new Dell crashed before it was 2 months old. I’ve actually NEVER had a system fail, I’ve always just filled them up or had new programs that wouldn’t work on my older computer. After jumping through all sorts of hoops and wasting lots of time and effort a replacement should be arriving next week. Leaving me without a working computer for about 3 weeks.

My SSD is small, 256 GB and the OS comes installed on it. My programs can not fit on the SSD with the OS. Dell told me to make a folder for programs and install them on the 2TB HDD. My photo software friends will get this.

My question is this. Was that correct?

If all my programs won’t fit on the SSD with the OS is it a good idea to split your OS and your programs or should I reinstall the OS on the HDD and keep the OS with the programs on the larger HDD drive together?

I understand it will boot slower not on the SSD but that isn’t really where I need the speed anyway. I need the quicker drive for photo work

They are saying splitting it had nothing to do with the hardware failure. If I have to sit and put all my programs back on again and whatever of my files made it to the external drive before the Dell failed I want to install things where they work the best.

Secondary question. What comes in the OS installed on the SSD that is not needed? Perhaps I can make enough room to get my programs on the same drive as the OS.

11-6-18 Replacement computer is here and the OS has been reinstalled on the larger 2TB drive. I’ll use the SSD for a scratch drive. I’ve closed the BBB complaint.

On the lemon Dell that was returned,  I tried 4x to return it to factory settings to make sure my stuff was off before returning it and it wouldn’t stay on long enough to reset it! I finally got the screen that shows you have to pick where you live but it wouldn’t stay on any longer for me to verify. That was some really messed up hardware! Again, I do understand that sometimes you may get bad hardware. It was how they handled it that was so bad.

11-7-18 I got the first blue screen on the replacement Dell.

I had called the regular tech line when I got impatient waiting on Swaraj from the advanced team to call. Tech was way off on moving the OS like he helped me do.

I keep getting 2 different error messages on a blue screen that shut my computer down or hang up there after collecting 100% of the data. Now I know these are not as critical and they don’t say it’s a hardware problem.

I am using different programs when it happens, and one time I wasn’t even at the computer. I have not seen a common place or circumstance when it happens. I’ve read instructions on the error codes and have done most of what it said by clicking all sort of drivers to make sure they’re up to date. Even though I prefer AVG and have used it for years on Win 10 I took it off in case it was having a problem w. Windows Defender.

The errors are: Stop Code BAD POOL HEADER and Stop Code IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL.

I have the same programs I had on my HP running windows 10 for years, and the previous Dell with bad hardware. I’ve run windows updates and went into device manager and clicked to update drivers. I’ve removed AVG, I’ve done everything I know to do except for wiping it back out and starting over AGAIN. I can’t make any progress if I have to keep installing my programs and files.

I’ve got windows backup to back up every hour but it’s still a dang hassle and I know I’ve lost some of my work during transfer when it locked up and whatever wasn’t backed up on my every hour backup.

I’ve got an email in to Swarjai to see if there are driver updates or something to try other than what I’ve already tried. I really wish I would’ve just bought another external hard drive at this point and stayed with my HP that was working fine – just full.

Swarjai NEVER answered. I didn’t really think they’d do anything after I closed the BBB complaint and I was correct.

11/21/18 I think I’ve found the problem w. the replacement Dell. I hope anyway. Error codes said they were likely memory problems, which tested ok, drivers or new hardware / software. Same software as on the last 2 computers. Of course, it’s all new hardware.

I updated all the drivers in device manager BUT finally after 2 weeks of it shutting down on me and losing any files open, being used or transferring at the time of abrupt shutdowns, I found EVERY Intel chipset and the hardware it came with from Dell was not updated on my straight from China computer. They were, of course, no help. EVen the Bios needed updated and flashed. It’s like they just plugged the hardware on to the motherboard, put in the tower and stuck it in the box to ship. I’m also not positive it was new. The plastic clingy stuff that covers the front of the tower was just clung stuck to the first one, the lemon. The plastic was taped on with yellow tape on the replacement.

Dell chips not updated


2 thoughts on “Why I’ll never buy a Dell computer again.

  1. authorbillramsey

    Consider contacting Randy at Advanced PC Solutions 606-5540 and have him build you one. He did that for us a few years ago.. It is solid state so starts instantly. Lots of capacity. No problems since our purchase and his are priced right there with the big boys. We have used him for over twenty years- very sharp fellow.


    1. KiM Post author

      I’ll keep him in mind but having just paid a lot for this new one less than 2 months ago, Dell is going to have to do something other than me just throwing that money away and buying another one.



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