More talkative Tyler

I go back and forth on getting Tyler another feline playmate. Hubby is in the hard no category. No cat could replace his littermate sister Trinity for us, and I’m guessing for him either. When we are home, which is a lot of the time, I don’t think he’d appreciate another cat getting some of his attention. When we are out of the house and at night, I think he may like another cat in the house.

If we do get another cat, it would be indoors only just like we’ve always had. It bugs us pretty darn bad when we smell cat piss around our house from neighbors cats. We have had more than one occasion where the neighbor’s cats are peering in our doors, jumping up in our windows, or sleeping on our patio furniture. I don’t want my cat(s) stressed over an intruder of their home area. Not to mention the increased danger outside cats are in. I’ve seen our neighbors cat running across the roads more than once.

I’m thinking if we did get another feline, that it would not be a kitten. As cute as they are I think an adult closer to Tyler’s age would be better. I’m also thinking another male might be better. I do have an idea of what I’d consider. I’ve never stopped the Petfinder emails from coming back before we adopted Tyler and Trinity. For years I’ve just been adding any of the cats they email me about to my Pinning for Pets board on Pinterest. If exactly what I’ve come up with in my head, popped up in my email, well, I’d at least go take a look. That happened with Tyler and Trinity.

I’m not sure I’m ready. My heart still mourns Trinity and I miss her so much. I’m not sure what we do if we adopt a cat that makes Tyler unhappy, if they are not good with the litterbox, or are just not the right fit. When I adopted Skeamer, then Tyler and Trinity, I adopted them all “for life” knowing I’d give them a forever home. We did try adding a kitten, BooHoo, when Skeamer was around 15 and that didn’t work. We rehomed her when Skeamer refused to eat. Having kidney issues and being chief resident singleton her needs came first. Just like Tyler’s do now.

Hubby said no more cats when Skeamer passed, but he can’t fool anyone. If you’ve seen him with our cats you’d know in a heartbeat he loves them. In fact, he chose Trinity from the other three of Tyler’s sisters. I hope Tyler lives a long and healthy life, and whatever took Trinity too early, doesn’t take him early also, but I know our furry babies don’t live as long as we do. It is a sad fact. Someday in the hopefully very distant future when it’s just hubby and me, I would like to travel without worrying about a furbaby at home. I am so glad Trinity didn’t pass while we took our one (in 10 years) vacation to Kentucky. I would have felt even worse and I’m sure my best friend who cared for them would have too. I’ve got to remember too that Tyler’s echo on his heart didn’t come back completely clean either and I don’t want to stress him.

Maybe the increase in his talking is just, “hold me”, “pick me up”, “feed me”, “brush me”, “play with me” and not “I’m lonely.” I know once a cat hits adulthood the vocalization is mostly for us humans. I mean he doesn’t have anyone else to communicate with.  If you’ve ever wondered why I just “like” so many post on social media without commenting it is because I won’t put Tyler down if he’s on my lap or laying on me. Like in the pic above, he is happy and drooling on me, and if I reach away too long he kneads my neck and pokes my face until I quit with the mouse and pet him again.  I need to video Tyler talking. He makes lots of sounds. Most do not sound anything like “meow.”  I know he could say a lot in just a look to Trinity, and he wasn’t always nice to her either. She did learn to give him back some of what he dished out and even though he outweighed her, she held her own. She didn’t really work a normal meow either.

Maybe all this is just bothering me worse because our family that was in from out of town when we lost Trinity, was back in town again. The first time since they were here when I found Trinity had passed away alone. They heard my cries, and it brings back the regrets I have from that day. I think about her every day and I’m trying so hard to remember the good times.

I think with every loved one that has passed, I have a long list of should’ve, would’ve, could’ve thoughts, and I’m having a really hard time getting the bad image out of my head of finding her. She did look peaceful but that doesn’t change the fact she died alone.

1 thought on “More talkative Tyler

  1. allenrizzi

    After we lost our dog Smokey (17 years old) and our cat Jessie (12 years old), we have just not had the oomph to get other pets. Spending that many years with animals and then losing them is too traumatic. If we every were to get another pet, it would definitely be an adult rescue animal. I have always mused that people who have never had a cat or dog and endured their loss probably have no souls.

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