Shootin in the rain, just shootin in the rain

A week after going to South Carolina, Marjorie and I went out in the rain here in Western NC, starting in Flat Rock.

I discovered my jacket was only a windbreaker, and not waterproof. I may look into getting one of those tripod umbrella holders.  I have a problem with the plastic camera covers since the lens barrel of my cameras move in and out and I’m so toasty all the time, I fog them up when I stick my hands in to operate the camera. I didn’t have enough hands to add filters, hold and operate the camera, get stuff in and out of my bag, set up the tripod in the current and hold the umbrella. It would’ve helped if I’d remembered the lens hood.

We drove around for a bit looking for good spots. We stopped at Key Falls, then ended up at Looking Glass Falls before eating Thai for lunch in Brevard/Pisgah.

Kim-photographing-Looking-Glass.jpgI hardly ever like myself in a photo but Marjorie took this one of me out doing my thing, and it’s kinda nice to share a bit of what I do when out shooting- well and you can’t see my no-make-up face.

I still don’t trust my right arm but I saw the decent size rock to stand on. and only had to go calf deep to get on it. Marjorie said I wasn’t in her way but obviously I was. I didn’t feel confident enough to keep walking the water to go as far as she did. I tried to capture a few photos and get out of her shot.  Thank you, Marjorie.

See more pics from this day here

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