How ’bout them apples

and grapes and pumpkins. We have an abundance of churches, Mexican restaurants, and apple orchards around here, well now we have a lot of breweries too.

A few of us gals took off to hit the orchards around Western NC.  Several we drove past because they didn’t really look like they’d appreciate us touring around with our cameras and tripods.

St. Paul Mountain Vineyards 10 2018 7-sm

The first place out of the car was not an apple orchard, but a vineyard. St. Paul Mountain Vineyards said we could shoot all we liked and then Alan Ward even invited us across the street to see inside Appalachian Ridge.

He told us they have coffee then hikes every Saturday.  Neat place and very hospitable.

We stopped at Grandad’s Apples and bought some delicious Ever Crisp apples and of course some apple cider donuts.  The Ever Crisp apples are a cross of honey crisp and Fugi… I think. The photo on the right I was set up to do a long exposure with the corn stalks blowing in the wind and captured a tractor driving by.

Stepps Hillcrest Orchard 10 2018 1-sm

Then Stepp’s Hillcrest Orchard. Looked like they had apple guns not being fired and a school group visiting. They had a donkey or mule ( I don’t know the difference) with the longest ears I’ve ever seen.

Last stop for the day was Justus orchard, the only one I’ve been to before. They had a few animals including a peacock I had not seen before.

I can’t believe I’ve lived here since I was in 5th grade and haven’t been to more orchards and have yet to wander in a corn maze. I’d still like to visit Skytop Orchard too.

Apples Down 10 2018 1-sm

My hubby had passed a spot the day before where on the way to the job he was working he saw apples floating in all the flood waters from the recent hurricane.  On his way home the water had receded but left the apples at the water’s edge.  We drove by and didn’t see any. When I got home I told him they must have cleaned them up as we didn’t see them. He said we were blind and drove me back by in his truck, which in my defense does sit higher than a car – even though once he showed me where there was a carpet of red apples down I could see it from my car too. This made me think of my grandma’s flustered response to a cop. She got pulled over and the cop asked her why it took so long for her to pull over- she replied she only used the rearview mirror while driving 🙂

You can see more photos from this outing here

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