Falls Falls Falls in Fall

We drove to these falls by way of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Setrock Creek Falls 10 24 2018 12.20.49-4-sm

I went ahead and had my full pot of coffee and was quite surprised to see all the Parkway bathrooms closed with portajohns in their place. Also a bit disappointing were the leaves in so many places are just gone. From the heat, the hurricane rain and wind the green leaves didn’t even have a chance to change colors.


Setrock Creek Falls was first up. You park just before a campground and it was an easy walk on a nice trail and no scrambling to do. We tried to see the waterfall on Left Prong South Toe River but the gate on FR472 was closed with a sign that it was closed for the season. You park right at this gate for Setrock Creek Falls.

Whiteoak Creek Falls is prettier in person as you just can’t see the entire falls from one vantage point.

Grassy Creek Falls 10 24 2018 15.00.20-2-sm.jpg

Grassy Creek Falls, near Little Switzerland, is one I can’t believe I didn’t’ walk to when I was there with the camera club.  It is a steep state road that I’m kinda surprised you are not allowed to park along the side as long as you are not blocking a driveway.  Had it been earlier in the day and not the last waterfall for the day I would’ve walked down farther past the falls to see what there was to see. It looks like there may have been more of the falls below where we decended. That is one looonnngggg gradual uphill-all-the-way trip back to the car – not as bad the climb back from High Falls though.

Here is the link to the video from this day

Then hubby finally got to drive 226A, the fun Diamondback 12 miles of curvy road that I drove when I was there with the camera club.

If you are getting sick of all my recent post- just know that as soon as my favorite season is over, I’ll go back to about one post per week.

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