Autumn sunrise, a few falls and a capture I’ve been wanting to get.

Sunrise BRP at Mills River Valley 10 31 2018 07.39.37-Pano-e-sm
Since it doesn’t look like we’ll ever be doing away with time change, June and I decided to get up to view the almost 8am sunrise. Still up at 5am for coffee and the hour long drive to get to an overlook we liked before dawn. #lovelivinginWNC

It was 37 degrees near Mountain Home (2100′ elevation) and 46 degrees at Mills River Valley overlook (elev. 4085). That is the second time I’ve seen the temps go up in higher elevations. We snapped away until the sun came up and then went to Pisgah Inn for breakfast (last full day of the season), then a few shots from the decks there.

Here is a link to the sunrise video. I’d appreciate a like and a follow.

Morning at Pisgah Inn 10 31 2018 09.17.19-sm

I  have been wanting to capture the autumn trees poking thru the morning clouds for a long time and I was so happy to get these shots especially the one above.

We pulled in Mount Pisgah parking to see if it looked familiar after my sister-in-law said she saw a beautiful sunset from there. It didn’t so I added it to my hike list. Then we drove to in and out of a few overlooks just to check the view. Buck Springs Gap (elev 4980) looked like it might be nice. We drove back toward the arboretum to check out the view from French broad overlook. We were under-impressed with what we think we would’ve seen at sunrise. I thought something was wrong with my headlights. They were not turning on in the tunnels on auto and I thought I knew what notch they went in to be turned out but I was wrong. In this case, operator error was an easy fix!

FR 475B or FR 5043 10 31 2018 10.33.11-sm

We took off to find a few waterfalls. Discovery Falls was first up but June’s shoes were not waterproof. We would’ve had to cross some branches laid over a wet area stream so we decided to see that one another time.

Log Hollow Falls was pretty and easy to get to following the same wide road.  If I go back I may hike upstream to see Upper Log Hollow Falls.

Logging Road Falls 10 31 2018 11.59.04-sm.jpg

Continuing along the easy walking road we got to Logging Road Falls but the camera just couldn’t show how tall this one really is with all the foliage. There were a lot of yellow jackets near the base so we captured our shots from the far side of the road. This may be a good one to go back and see in winter. In Adams book, it says there is an Upper Logging Road Falls too but there are no trails and it requires bushwhacking.

Fall leaves along Logging Road 10 31 2018 11.28.00-sm

I’m not a fan of pink or yellow unless it is in nature and I’ll take a pink sunrise or sunset and yellow in autumn leaves any day.

20181101_081948-smI haven’t yet started hiking with my “new” camera backpack I got last year and only used once.  I try to carry my tripod in my right hand if I’m going over rocks or roots so if I do fall I can’t use my right arm/shoulder to catch my fall. I don’t like carrying the case for two reasons. One it can blow right away at some of my stops and two, the strap isn’t really long enough. June mentioned a strap for the tripod. I got looking and I do have a place to clip something. I got an old duffle bag strap out to see what I thought. I scratched the finish when I put it over my shoulder. That kind of stuff really bugs me as I take pride in taking care of my things. So the metal I tried to work with isn’t going to get it so I looped a piece of leather through the hole to clip on to that. I hope to be able to just use my camera backpack again soon.

My right shoulder/arm felt like they were doing some better with the prescribed month of rest and no lifting. On the second visit, I was instructed to start back doing a few exercises and stretches. I did them unless my rib was out. The pain and aches came back. My collarbone, shoulder, and bicep are just not right, that’s all there is to it. To top it off my lowest ribs have displaced I think three times now in a month.

So if you add in pain, plus dealing with the lemon Dell computer issues that left me in a lurch, the fact that I still have to come up with time to get the replacement computer back up and running with my programs and files between clients that I was able to salvage-  I just feel like I’m making zip for progress everywhere I turn.

It’s easier when my body lets me, to just go run off to photograph something than deal with it all even though I know darn well that isn’t the right way to deal with it. This week is mostly rain. I have gone out and shot in the rain but this is a cold rain and I think I’ll just take this week to dive into what needs doing and get it done. I only have appointments on three days this week so I’m going with “there is no time like the present.”

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