My 3rd appointment with Dr. Hall and 8 months since my shoulder surgery I wish she had done.

Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t realize a cortisone shot was going to be suggested ahead of time! Actually, the injection was not as bad as the one I had in my left shoulder if you take away the fact that I really, really hate needles.

So, the MRI was ruled out to look at my collarbone and bicep because even a frayed bicep with tendonitis can’t be repaired unless it’s torn and mine is not. I really would’ve felt better if she’d wanted an MRI to see what it looked like now, but she didn’t feel the need.

Dr. Hall said it’s possible the top of my bicep is going in and out of the grove it’s supposed to stay in. My options were to have it cut loose from the top. Not an option till I’m like over 70 or something IMO. To have it sewn to the bone after it is looked at with a scope since we don’t have MRI that shows motion to see if it comes out or not. Or to have the cortisone shot. Geez, I HATE needles!!! It was highly recommended and since I’m beyond frustrated that my bicep is unchanged in almost 2 years, I still can’t lift anything, I still have an aching pain with occasional shooting pains and I traded having the pour motion returned only to now have my collarbone my hurt so I decided to go that route.

If I could turn back time, I would have never followed the Dr. Brooks instructions on the bands, If I could turn it back 8 days before that I would’ve had Dr. Hall do the surgery and follow up care, or best case, if I could turn the clock back even farther and never lift the too heavy entertainment center.

I forgot to ask her if doing the bands on day 8 like instructed could have actually undone any of the surgery or caused new problems that were not on the original MRI or surgery photos.

But, all this to say. I’m done. I’m just done – other than praying that the cortisone shot helps as soon as the cortisone flare eases up.

I’ll never get why you get the shot in the back for pain in the front, but out of the two I was awake for, that’s the way it was both times. The one in my left shoulder many, many years ago did help the bursitis.

Hard to believe but my 6-week follow-up was the last week of December. Can’t say I’ll be all too upset to let 2018 go.  It’s not been the best year on several fronts.

11/19/18 the shot did not change the places that hurt the most now, my collarbone, the front of my shoulder or my bicep. I am going to try doing compound exercises, deep tissue massage, and MSM/CBD cream. Yes, I do realize I have to adapt the weight amount from the weightlifter in the first video 🙂

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