Re-Purposed Re-Pillow Re-laxed

Tyler Re-Pillow 11-29-2018 3-sm.jpg

I ordered us new Tempurpedic pillows. Note on here to myself- going with the large was a bit too much pillow. Anyway, back to my the reason for this post.

I was looking into a warmth-retaining pad for Trinity before she passed because she didn’t have as much sun in our new house and she always looked for warm sunny spots. I ended up using a blanket that she seemed to like. Geez, I still miss her so much!

re-pillow-smTyler didn’t love the blanket, so I kept it on just half of the big bed. When Trinity passed, I tried a larger blanket under the bed. When we got our new pillows, thought I’d let Tyler use our old ones. They were too tall for him to still have edges on his bed so I cut them up, put then in zipped cases, then pillowcases.

At first, I tried just one and decided he needed both so he could keep sprawling out.

Tyler Re-Pillow 11-29-2018 7-sm

So, even if you don’t have a pet of your own, I bet a shelter could make great use of your gently used pillows, blankets and throws.


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