Anywhere. Nowhere. November

Road to Nowhere 11-18-2018 16.50.59-sm

Me: It’s the last decent weather day for a while. Let’s go somewhere. Anywhere.
Husband: Okay, where do you want to go?
Me: How about the hike to Pisgah mountain to watch the sunset
Husband: Did you check to see if it’s back open?
Me: Let me check. Nope still closed. How about the Road to Nowhere and some nearby waterfalls
Hubby: Sure, we were just in that area but we can go back I guess

and just like that we got in the car and were off, kinda late in the day but it would’ve been fine had GPS known where “Nowhere” was. After we gave up finding the tunnel in the housing development my phone had us in, I looked at a website and followed those directions which was a straight shot, well as straight as most are roads are around here, from downtown Bryson City.

Road to Nowhere 11-18-2018 17.04.36-smWhen we got there, a motorcycle was coming out of the tunnel. After we got in the tunnel I was glad as much as sound traveled that we were not in it at the same time as it was. It was dark, loud and way longer than it appeared to be at 1200 feet long. There were some floor to ceiling cracks leaking water.  You really do need a flashlight if you’d like to see where you’re walking. I called back to someone at the other end with Marco- Polo.

We’ll probably go back sometime with family or friends, leave earlier, do some of the trails and show them the same three waterfalls.  I’d like to take my tripod and do a long exposure and light up the inside more with flashlights.

The story behind it is interesting or here


I’ve been to the three Deep Creek Waterfalls before, but hubby hadn’t seen them so we stopped at the Great Smoky Mountains to see Tom Branch Falls, Indian Creek Falls and Juney Whank Falls. The best part was the deer by the river. She was busy eating something at the base of the tree and really didn’t seem to care that we were so close. We went to the far side of the trail to pass her but she trotted off but didn’t go far.

This would be a nice place to take family or friends that didn’t really want to do much of a hike and still wanted to see three waterfalls.

Here’s the video

Yep, I am aware these are not snow pics from our December 2018 snow BUT, we kept power and it let me get this post from our November 18th outing up 🙂

2 thoughts on “Anywhere. Nowhere. November

  1. KiM Post author

    Hard to believe there is that much difference in our snow totals! Hope you have power. They say we’re going to have large amounts of black ice tonite but the end of the week rain and warmer temps should get rid of most but the biggest snow piles.



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